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Monsters In The Night - ch 1 Awakening

Disclaimer: Pitch Black belongs to whoever owns it at the moment. I believe that the characters of Riddick and Fry belong partly to the actors who played them.
Rating: Story - R/ Chapter - R, though I've added an NC-17 version of the last chapter.
Pairing Richard Riddick and Carolyn Fry

Monsters In The Night

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Ch 1 - Awakening

“This is the Hunter-Gratznia we’ve cleared the last planetary marker,” Carolyn Fry’s calm voice bid farewell to flight control on Kordis 12.

“You are in the primary shipping lanes and cleared for a main engine burn,” the voice on the radio answered. “Have a good sleep H-G.”

Carolyn smiled to herself as she pulled levers and pushed buttons. The deep rumbling voice of the main reactor jumped to life at her fingertips. It had been a good trip so far and very profitable. With each stop her .5% share of the trip was growing. A quick 28-week run to New Mecca, in the sparsely populated Tangiers System, then they would head back toward the more active Sol Tract shipping routes. They had taken the long way around, traveling what some called the ghost lanes. With every stop they had picked up something unexpected, but profitable. If their luck held, they would make the long run home with a full cargo hold and even fuller credit accounts. She did the math quickly in her head to tabulate her share so far. Was it enough to make the changes that had been plaguing her lately?

There were as many female pilots as men, but few of them chose to fly the sleep runs. Part of her wanted to move to the shorter trips, but the part of her that craved something she was unable to put a name to, kept her going. She was sure the missing piece to her life was out here someplace; all she had to do was keep looking. Until she found it, or could at least put a name to it, the long sleeps with sudden spikes of adrenaline on waking would have to do. She shook her head at the flights of fancy her mind could take. Missing pieces, another life, working quiet runs…come on Carolyn, you’re thinking like a fucking woman again!

She had a hazy remembrance of another life, one with parents and a home. But she knew that wasn’t what she was looking for. When she was orphaned at six her Uncle Sean had come charging into her life, and changed forever what she thought of as normal. She grew up on sleep runs, and didn’t think any kid could’ve had a better childhood. At first she had been everyone’s kid sister, but as she matured into the pretty blonde woman she was now, she apprenticed with her Uncle. Often she was the only female in the crew, but few men tried to step across the line. In the beginning it had been because she was Sean Fry’s niece, but now, three years after his death, it was because she was Carolyn Fry, Docking Pilot.

She lived the life of a sleep jumper, as he had taught her, and she was still treated as one of the guys. Her talent as a pilot and with self-defense, kept any that would try, from changing that. Too often Carolyn had heard the men talking about the women who flew the sleep runs. She had no wish to jeopardize her position on the bridge by an indiscreet act. Even after all this time there was still a double standard. The male jumpers boasted of their many conquests as if they were badges of honor, but the women were just called whores!

‘Well Uncle Sean, you taught me well on that subject too,' Carolyn smiled inwardly as she thought of him and hoped she was making him proud. She was good at her job, and any social life that she had was kept carefully to herself.

“The passengers are all tucked in for the long night,” Owens reported to the Captain as he returned from checking the cargo and passenger bays and began entering coordinates into the navputer.

“Good…” the Captain muttered as he made one last entry in the log. “Another hour or so and we’re down for the long sleep.”

Owens watched Fry and Captain Mitchell discreetly as he worked. From his station he entered the route for New Mecca with all the complicated transfer points from system to system then carefully added an abort code. He knew it was Mitchell’s practice to be the last to leave the bridge before cyro-sleep. Owens’s code would activate a different, much longer, route ten hours after the last person went into cyro.

“You almost ready, Owens?” Fry called out as she secured the ship for running under sleep conditions. The Nav Officer had been flying with Captain Mitchell for years and he was the bane of Fry’s existence. On their first trip together he had made a pass at her. When she’d rebuffed him in her usual no-nonsense manner, he had taken it personally. Too often since then she would look up to see his eyes moving over her. She had an uncomfortable feeling that he knew every inch of her body as well as she did.

“Don’t rush me, Fry, you wanna fly right through a black hole?” ‘Bitch!’ Owens thought as he looked up at the petite blonde. He would get extra pleasure out of handing her over to the men who he worked for. He hid his smile when he thought of Ms High And Mouthy in the hands of slavers. Oh yes, she may be as tough as a man, but she has the body of a woman. He would enjoy getting a piece of that before she was sold. He had very definite ideas in that department. He knew how to make a woman beg. It was only a question of what she would beg for that amused him.

An hour later as Owens stepped into his cyro locker he breathed a sigh of relief. The Captain hadn’t detected his tampering with the navputer. For the first time in a long while the navigator could see the light at the end of the tunnel. He had let his gambling debts mount up, but he couldn’t help it, the lure of the dice kept drawing him back. There had been nothing he could do when the men came to collect. It was either hand over the Hunter-Gratznia to raiders or die a lingering painful death.

22 Weeks later

The Hunter-Gratznia was moving through almost virgin space. It had left the shipping lanes weeks ago and was still 19 weeks away from the designated rendezvous with a black ship that crept along picking off unsuspecting merchant vessels.

A comet had just passed through the sector. If any had been awake to see it, they would have marveled at the beauty of its tail highlighted against the backdrop of the large planet, which was silhouetted by a sun in the distance. Or at least they would have marveled, if they had been stupid enough admire the amazing contrasts of light and dark; and large and small, that hid the disaster that was just in front of them. It was nature’s oldest trick: evil wearing the guise of beauty.

Small asteroids and ice balls pierced the hull of the large ship and continued on through, not stopping for anything that might be in their way. The hull breach caused the computer to go into wake-up mode for the crew, even as other asteroids took aim at the ship.

Carolyn Fry woke to the dizzying red of the emergency lights. As her brain fought to catch up with her body, she saw Captain Mitchell’s sleep locker get hit and he crumpled. Instinct made her explode from her locker, but her legs wouldn’t hold her.

“He’s hit, the Captains dead,” she mumbled as Owens landed on her.

“What the fuck, we’re 22 weeks out and still should have 19 to go until gravity kicks in.” He tried to clear his head, but all he could think about was, ‘Where the hell were they? Had his associates double crossed him and hit the ship early?’

Carolyn didn’t try to make any sense out of Owens’s rambling; she had to get to the bridge. They were leaking air like a sieve. “What the fuck,” she gasped as the computer showed them the view from the forward camera. They were being pulled into a planet’s atmosphere in a flat spin.

Owens grabbed the radio as Fry fought her way to the bridge, one deck up. He flipped the transmitter to the frequency instructed by the raiders. They may have been weeks away from their planned destination, but maybe he could still pull his ass out of the sling if he worked quickly. “This is ship Hunter-Gratznia, we’ve been knocked out of the shipping lanes and are now…”

All the while he was sending the message his mind kept working. This could turn out better than he expected. If the ship went down and he was the only survivor, who could blame him, after all he wasn’t the pilot? He worked quickly to try and cover his tracks in the navputer, but it had locked him out the second the emergency began. “Damn!”

As he worked, he heard the clank and bang of pieces of the ship ripping away. “Fry what the hell’s going on?” Damn that woman was she dumping the cargo? It would be signing his death warrant.

“Fry, where the hell’s our coms,” Owens worked more switches, still not able to get any control over the navigational systems. “Fry, they trained you for this, right?” He couldn’t help getting a dig at her, even in the emergency.

Then he heard it, the closing of airlock doors and heavy clank that signaled a purge. “What the fuck? Was that a purge, Fry?” Fear gripped his stomach as he realized the woman up front was royally fucking him over, as she calmly dumped the valuables from the ship.

“Too heavy in the ass, can’t get the fucking ass down.” Her tense voice came over the radio as she fought for control of the bucking ship.

They were going in and Owens checked the readouts for the better of the two planets. He was so busy that it only registered slightly that she had purged the next section of cargo. At least they still had the passengers; they would be worth something on the market. The rest he planned on taking out of Fry’s hide.

A sick feeling passed over him as he heard the crash doors behind him begin to activate. “Fry what the hell are you doing?”

“I gotta flush more load,” the fear in her voice was clear over the communications system.

‘Good bitch be afraid, be real afraid, but its nothing like the fear you’re going to feel when I get a hold of you.’ There was no way he could let her drop anymore load or he might as well die in the crash.

“I’ve tried everything I know…”

“Well you better try everything twice,” he fought to keep the anger out of his voice.

“Look if you know something I don’t, you get your ass up here and take the chair, Owens.”

“Listen, Company says we’re responsible for every single one of those people, Fry.” That sounded good. Personally he didn’t give a shit, but forty people alive would bring a tighty sum on the slaves markets, while forty dead bodies were worth nothing.

“What, and we both die out of sheer fucking nobility,” Fry ground out. Part of her was amazed the words were coming from her mouth, part of her so afraid she knew she was acting on instinct alone.

“Don’t you touch that handle, Fry!” Owens leapt from his chair looking for something to jam open the airlock doors, causing an over-ride in the purge system. It was his last hope to save anything from this venture.

Grasping tight to the sound of reason in Owens’s voice, Fry worked frantically to gain some control over the Hunter-G. She tried every trick she knew, and invented some along the way, but nothing worked.

As if someone else was doing it, she watched as her hand reached for the red purge handle and pulled. “I’m not going to die for them,” she screamed as she yanked with all her might. “Fuck,” she ground out, as the purge was over-ridden.

“Seventy seconds,” Owens shouted to her. He had succeeded; the little bit that hadn’t been purged was safe. And maybe there might be enough money to be made from that to hold off his creditors for a while. “You still have seventy seconds to level this beast out.” If the crash didn’t kill the bitch, he planned on doing it, and as slowly as possible. She was costing him too much.

All the while she fought the ship and gravity, she felt dead inside, as if part of her mind was still locked in cold sleep: the compassionate part; the human side.

Carolyn curled in her chair, hands over her head trying to protect herself from flying plasti-aluminum. ‘Oh my God, what did I almost do?’ Her mind was numb as she reeled from the implications of her attempt to flush the passenagers.

Deep inside her head echoed a voice that she remembered as her mother’s. “Don’t be afraid of the dark, Carolyn. There are no monsters there; it’s only the absence of light that keeps you from seeing that. There are no monsters in the dark, dear.”

“You’re wrong about that, mom,” Fry muttered to herself as the wind beat against her face and caused tears to form in her eyes. She gripped the controls and slammed on the brakes. Her ears were filled with the death screeches of the Hunter-Gratznia, as she skidded along on her belly on a rocky planet, she was never made to touch. “You’re so wrong. I’m the monster in the dark.”

‘Fuck,’ Riddick thought as he tested the bindings Johns had added to the ones already there. When the ship began its downward spiral, he had been sure it was his chance to get away, but that blue eyed devil had found him before he had been able to leave the crash site.

What’s this, he sniffed, but was careful to keep his head down and not appear interested. What’s the new smell? He grinned to himself, woman, oh yeah! He sniffed again. Now he recognized her. It was the other one, not the free settler or the kid, but the one from the crew. He’d only caught a brief whiff of her before they left Kordis 12. But this was different. Before she had smelled sweet and innocent, though the tone of her voice when she had spoken to the nav officer had said she was tough and resilient. The contradictions in her could inflame a man’s desires. He had wondered at the time if she was woman enough to respond. But now her smell was changing. The sweet was still there, but maybe not for long, because the innocence was fighting a battle with darkness. Yes! That’s it, a kindred soul. Since he had been left alone in the ship, he allowed himself the luxury of throwing back his head and laughing.

To his surprise he felt swelling between his legs and his pants grew tight. The woman with the darkening soul and a voice like old scotch had given him a hard-on. Yes indeed he would have to find out if she was woman enough. What the fuck would it really matter all women were interchangeable? His laughter stopped as quickly as it had begun as he took another deep breath to savor all the nuances to her scent and found something that he had never smelled before, but wanted badly. He just didn’t know what it was.

But first things first, he rocked back against the post his arms were secured around and found it gave way. He rocked again and began the slow painful process of setting himself free.

His body ached from the beating Johns and the settler woman had given him, but he was damned if he would let it show. A few hours of freedom and he was back where he had started, tied in the cool dark ship while the others flailed in the heat of three suns. Fools! Couldn’t they see the evidence that was in front of their faces? Naw, I guess they couldn’t, but then in his experience they wouldn’t be the first.

The air shifted, and he head footsteps coming fast and he was assailed by the scent of Carolyn Fry.

She needed answers and she needed them now. Earlier she had only gotten a quick look at Riddick. She wasn’t one to enjoy other’s suffering, besides on the ship she had been too busy to pay attention to anything but her job. But now as she walked quickly toward him she began to feel uneasy. It wasn’t fear; it was something else, but she pushed it aside. She needed to know what was really going on and she had an idea she had come to the one person who could shed some light on the situation.

“So where’s the body?” She stood waiting, watching. All the while he didn’t move. He didn’t even seem to be breathing. It would have been easy to keep watching him, to lose herself in the sight of him. There was something hypnotic about the way he sat there. He was the one who was chained, but she was the one who felt trapped. Stomping hard on the feeling she tried again, and was surprised when her voice came out in barely a whisper. “Do you want to tell me about the sounds?”

Angrier at herself for losing control of her voice, than at him for ignoring her, she gritted her teeth and tried again. “Well that’s fine, you don’t want to talk to me, it’s your choice. Just so you know, there’s a debate right now if we should leave you here to die.”

Carolyn turned to leave, feeling in control of things for the first time since she had been thrust from cold sleep four hours earlier. Then she heard it, a voice like a deep rumble, it made her think of the cognac she liked to indulge in every once in a while: smooth, amber tones, with a bite that caressed.

“You mean the whispers?” I got you now Carolyn. I know all your little secrets. I’ve taken a peek into your soul and it’s mine now.

She was drawn closer as his voice touched her skin. “What whispers?” She heard the vulnerability in her tone and hated it. Johns had said he was a dangerous and she had a feeling that right here, right now, she was facing one of those monsters in the dark that she had been taught didn’t exist. Who better than she to face him down, it took one to know one.

“The ones telling me to go for the sweet spot, just to the left of the spine, fourth lumbar down, over the abdominal aorta. Slice right there and it gushes. It’s a metallic taste, human blood, copperish with peppermint snaps, but that goes away.” He’d used that line before and it usually scared the shit out of a woman, but to his surprise, this one didn’t budge. He had figured with what he knew about her attempt to kill the passengers, it would send her running. Yes, this one was definitely worth a second look.

“Want to try to shock me with the truth, now?” Fry stood her ground. He was trying to fuck with her mind and she was damned if he was going to get away with it. Later when she was alone, she knew his words would play along her nerve endings, but not now.

“All you people are so scared of me. Most days I’d take that as a compliment, but it ain’t me ya gotta worry about, now.” He told it to her straight, she had earned that by not running.

“Show me your eyes, Riddick?”

“You’d have to come a lot closer for that.” He still didn’t look up, what kind of game was she playing with him? His eyes would tell her nothing.

The air around him grew heavy, as he sensed Fry moving closer. He could hear her hesitant steps and was surrounded by her fragrance. He concentrated and tried to fill in the colors of her soul by what he smelled. There was quiet fear, but not of him, and a feeling of loss for the dead man. The battle between sweet innocence and darkness was almost completely buried under a strong scent of…..desire? Oh yes, Carolyn, there may be monsters out there waiting for us, but I’m gonna have a taste of you before they do.

“Closer,’ his quiet command made her steps falter.

Suddenly her palms felt sweaty and she wiped them on her pants. What the hell? He made her nervous. He made her feel things. Things she refused to examine, even as she felt them overpowering her. So for the time being she took the easy way out and told herself that he was a big muscular man and she was a small slim woman, if he were free and he chose to, he could snap her neck and be gone. Swallowing she moved within a foot of him.

Suddenly he lunged, catching her off guard. She lost her footing and her dignity as she scrambled back a few steps before she could stop herself. Face to face with shining gray eyes she had only heard about, she looked him up and down. Yes he could be the monster Johns claimed him to be. She could see that, the possibility to be THAT and much worse. But there was more, a potential for more. Lost in the reflecting pools of his soul she hardly heard the intrusive questions from the boy, Jack. But she heard Riddick’s answer, every word of it. He was speaking to her, for her. His words told her of the darkness he'd lived and what he believed himself to be. She stood quietly listening, giving him peace and quiet to speak.

As Carolyn walked away Riddick wanted badly to call her back. He had sent her to look in the hole for Zeke’ body. Somehow he knew she would be the one to do the looking. He couldn’t picture Johns volunteering for a job like that and he didn’t think Fry would be willing to delegate it to any of the others, not after what he had heard her confess to Johns. He tried to tell himself that because she was the smallest, of them all, almost as short as Jack, but smaller boned and slimmer, it made sense that she be the one to try and fit in that hole. 'Sense to who, a coward like Johns?' he gritted his teeth in frustratioin all the time wondering why the fuck he cared!

“Be careful, Carolyn,” he whispered to the shadows around him. “Damn!” He gave his bindings a good tug. Why had she stood there like that? He had told her what he was, and he knew she was smart enough to understand what he was saying. If there had been any doubt, the telltale quivering of her lip as he spoke told him she understood the deeper meaning behind his casual statement. But still she stood there with her huge eyes wide open just looking at him. Damn he had wanted to touch her, feel her skin against his just once before she went off on her fool’s errand.

Closing his eyes he remembered a few hours earlier when he had hidden inches behind her in the skull of a long dead animal. He had sliced a lock of her hair and pulled it close to catch her scent, for what he had thought to be the last time.

Sitting listening so the sound of her receding footsteps, he could still feel the electric tingle from the soft curl against his lips. It was what had made him blow it away as if it meant nothing. Now he wished he had held onto it. If what he suspected was true, he doubted she would come out of that hole alive and he would never get the chance to feel that tingle again.

To Chapter Two


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Dec. 1st, 2005 12:26 pm (UTC)
Again: Wow! I esp like the part when Carolyn goes to talk with Riddick. They could be really feeling/thinking like this. Very good!

Can't wait for the second one *bounce*

Say, is it ok if I friend you? ^-^
Dec. 2nd, 2005 04:13 am (UTC)
Thank you for your wonderful review. I've got the second chapter up. I took a bit of time to make a manip to go with it. There is something odd about the linking system with live journal, so it may be Saturday before I get the rest of it up.

(Sorry going to The Nutcracker tomorrow night and won't be in until late)
Mar. 18th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
Off o read more.

Mar. 18th, 2008 06:04 am (UTC)
I'm glad you like it. I had a blast writing it, though I've been going back over it slowly and doing some editing. I didn't have a beta and I know there are some errors I missed.
Mar. 18th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
I have since finished this fic and all I can say is I bow before the awesome fic writing power that is Lattelady.

It was dark, agnst-riden, and sexy love at its best.

Can you rec-a-fic in this pairing? I love long and sexy as long as the characters are truly written in character.

*Bows as she throws rose petals at your feet*

Mar. 19th, 2008 12:26 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! All I can say is what I've said before, I write what the voices tell to write.

I've attach a URL to a site that is all Riddic/Fry. http://dce.pp.fi/fr-fanfic/index.html There are some really good ones here.

I think TaterChipGirl has one of her longer stories posted at that site. She removed all of the ones from ff.net when we had to take down anything that as NC-17,

I also run the Riddick/Fry community at ff.net. There are 20 some stories in there.
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