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Fear of Flying Ch 6 - Shadow Boxing

Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer :/See Chapter 1
Pairing: Nico/Dani
Beta: Olfactory-Ventriloquism – Thank you Amanda for all the help. You are a great help. Any errors that are still in this document are mine.
Spoilers: None from Season II. After the end of Season I my story is AU.
Previous Chapters : Ch 1 - Stepping Into The Darkness ; Ch 2 - Lost But Not Alone ; Ch 3 - Things Fall Apart ; Ch 4 - The Center Cannot Hold ; Ch 5 - Turning and Turning and Turning


Fear of Flying

Ch 6 - Shadow Boxing

By Lattelady


”Most gulls don’t bother to learn more than the simplest facts of flight – how to get from shore to food and back again. For most gulls, it is not flying that matters, but eating” – From Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

Nico leaned against his Lincoln, tapping a file folder against his thigh. His eyes were trained on Dr. Santino’s car as Xeno negotiated the right turn onto Bleecker Street and it disappeared from view. He was left alone in the garage under his building with a list of errands to attend to as he stared at the rain dancing on passing traffic.

For once he wished he wasn’t so observant. He hadn’t missed the flash of fear that Dan—Dr. Santino, he corrected himself, had tried to hide when he’d said good-bye and helped her into her car with his associate behind the wheel. He hadn’t missed the tightening of her fingers on his sleeve before she forced herself to let go and fasten the safety belt. It had taken all of Careles’ self control to keep from covering her hand with his and assuring her that she was safe.

Nico shook his head in wonder. Xeno had at least fifty pounds on him and looked ten times as dangerous, but he knew the doctor would have felt better if he was taking her home and Xeno was following-up leads from last night.

A horn honked in the distance and brought Nico’s thoughts back to the almost deserted parking area. He read through the quickly compiled document in the folder Xeno had brought him. It contained Daniel Joseph Martello’s financial report. Tony, another of Careles’ men was working on retrieving an in-depth report along with copies of Martello’s bank statements and a complete balance sheet on Club Solstice. From the information that had been obtained in the short time they’d had, it was apparent the club owner was overextended, though the source of the money drain wasn’t readily apparent.

Nico took one last speculative look at the folder before locking it in his trunk.

“Damn,” he muttered. He couldn’t get the broken frightened look in Dani’s eyes out of his mind. It was so different from her usual spark of joy, challenge, or determination. He’d already assigned round the clock protection on her house, and Xeno was going to look into her security system. She and her children were safe, but he knew she didn’t feel that way.

Nico pursed his lips and played with his phone. He had an idea that would make her feel better, but it had nothing to do with protection. A quick look at his watch told him it was twelve forty-five in the afternoon. That would mean it was six forty-five in the evening in Barcelona, Spain. He searched his contacts until he found the number he needed.

“Bueno,” a jaunty feminine voice answered in breathless Spanish.

“Ms. Fiero, I am Nico. I work with your friend Dr. Santino.”

“I know about you,” Jeanette purred. “You’re the security guy for the Hawks.”

“More or less.” Nico knew he’d never met Dani’s friend, but he’d seen her from a distance at a the Hawks charity event and once or twice when she’d left the Santino residence. He tucked away the information for later that she knew about him. It appeared the good doctor had been discussing him with her friend. The thought would have piqued his curiosity if the reason for his call were less serious.

“What can I do for you Mr. More-or-Less-Security-Guy?” The blonde giggled.

“We’ve had a…situation.”

“I know, I read about TK getting shot. It’s awful. Is he all right?” Jeanette had tried to call her friend when she’d read about the shooting, but they’d been playing phone tag for three days.

“Ms. Fiero--”

“Call me Jeanette, after all you’re a friend of Dani’s,” she cut in.

“Ms. Fiero,” his voice was smooth and all business. “This isn’t about Terence. Last night someone drugged Dr. Santino. The intent was…is…questionable.”

“Oh-my-God, what happened? Is she all right? Let me talk to her. Put her on the phone this instant!” she insisted. Nico let the blonde’s emotions rush at him until her voice broke with a sob.

“Ms. Fiero, Dani is safe. She’s upset, but she was smart, and I was her first phone call.”

“Thank goodness,” Jeanette sniffled and wiped her nose. “She says you’re good like that,” the blonde added through tears.

“Pardon?” Careles frowned unsure what she meant.

“Dani said you make sure everyone is safe. Thank you for taking care of her, too. I felt bad leaving her alone with that ratfink Ray giving her trouble about the divorce and all. Now that I know she’s got someone to watch over her, I won’t worry so much.”

“Dr. Santino is a valuable member of the Hawks organization it would be remiss of me to exclude her…”

“Of course she is.” Jeanette rolled her eyes at the man. Always the romantic, she was convinced that Mr. Mysterious wouldn’t have made a phone call like this for just anybody. “Do you think it would help if I came for a visit?”

“That’s why I called. I believe the doctor would appreciate it.” He remembered Dani’s voice on the phone when she’d called from the club. Even drugged and confused she’d talked about Jeanette and been disappointed that the blonde wasn’t the one she was supposed to meet. “I’ll get someone working on flight arrangements for you. Will the day after tomorrow be too soon or do you need more time to clear your schedule?”

“For her, I’d take the redeye tonight.” She insisted.

“There isn’t one. Forty-eight hours should be fine.” Nico wanted to be sure all his new security measures were in place before bringing another person into the Santino house, even if that person was a known and trusted quantity by the family. “The Hawks’ travel coordinator will email your itinerary. The trip will be taken care of by the team. I’ll have someone meet you at the airport.”

“Dani can do it.” She was already planning a number of therapeutic shopping trips for her friend.

“It might be better if you surprised her.”

“You’re right,” she admitted thoughtfully. “Dani is so independent she wouldn’t want to bother me, no matter how much she needed me.” ‘Well hot damn,’ Jeanette thought. ‘Girlfriend finally has a guy who understands her. Wonder if he is as attractive as he sounds.’ “I’m looking forward to meeting you.” She added quickly.

“Good-bye, Ms. Fiero.”

“Good--” Jeanette didn’t get to finish before she realized there was no one listening. Careles had hung up on her.

It wasn’t until twenty minutes later when she was telling Augusto, in halting Spanish, what had happened and Nico was parking his car outside of Solstice that Jeanette wondered how the security man had gotten her cell number and email address. She doubted he’d asked Dani for it, if he was trying to surprise her.

“Your man said you’d be by today. ” Martello yawned as Nico walked into the club’s office. “What’s this all about?” Casual, helpful, but curious was the tone Danny was striving for. Careles had the reputation of a shark and looking into hazel eyes that gave nothing away, it appeared to be well deserved.

“I want to see your security tapes from 10:30 PM last night until the time I left.” Nico wasn’t going to waste time with small talk.

“Ya gotta be kiddin’ me?” Danny glared. He’d been careful to avoid any of his cameras but he wasn’t taking any chances. “Ya got a court order?”

“You own a club that the Hawks frequent. If I had reason to suspect the players or their guests weren’t safe, it would have to be addressed.” Nico shrugged casually.

“Is that a threat, Careles?”

“It’s a concern. You’re a man who has a financial interest in keeping the New York Hawks management happy. Solstice is known as a favorite of local sports celebrates, that in turn brings in other customers…” Nico’s head tilted slightly to the side and he stared as the club owner began to squirm. Danny could read between the lines, cooperate or Solstice was off limits to the team and God only knew how many other headliners. Marshall Pittman had a long reach.

“Showing ya the tapes violates my patrons’ privacy.” Martello stonewalled for as long as he could.

Nico’s expression turned to ice when he thought about what could have happened to Dani. “One of your patron’s privacy has already been violated. The lady I helped out of here last night hadn’t had any alcohol.”

“Odd, that’s not what you said when you were leavin’ with her.” Danny leaned back in his chair and gripped the armrests to keep his hands from shaking.

“Her blood alcohol level proved otherwise.” Careles was getting a bad feeling at the lack of cooperation. Danny Martello had been at Solstice the night before, so he had opportunity. If Nico was any judge of character, Martello was tough enough to doctor someone’s drink if it served his purpose, which gave the man means. All he needed was motive.

“Not every party girl’s drug of choice is booze.” Martello grinned knowingly and winked as if they were two men sharing a good joke.

Careles’ eyes darkened, and his face went completely blank. “Her narcotics screen was negative.”

“Was she sick or something?” Danny did his best to look concerned though relief surged through his body. He hadn’t completed what he’d set out to do but at least he’d gotten away with the attempt. The woman was smarter and better connected than the ones TK usually hung with, but then, she’d been around longer, too. Since the playoff game against Chicago. he owed King big time. The wide receiver’s last play had cost him a bundle. Unfortunately, the player was in the hospital with two bullet wounds. Martello’d had to find some other way to take revenge.

“Not all drugs show up in a person’s blood. I had the contents of her double–old-fashioned glass analyzed.” Nico pulled out his phone and accessed the email from Dr. Browning. “It contained water, carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of calcium, chloride, fluorine, lithium, magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, silicon, sodium, and strontium, in other words, carbonated water. That wouldn’t account for her apparent intoxication but there was one other item that would: flunitazepam.”

“Flun—as-a-what?” Martello stuttered as the conversation slipped out of his control.

“Flunitazepam. Rohypnol. Roofies,” ice dripped off each word as Nico carefully enunciated it. “A date rape drug that doesn’t show up in a blood tox screen. But I think you’re smart enough to be aware of that already.”

“She didn’t get it here!” The club owner insisted. He felt his insides begin to quiver.

Careles watched the other man’s body language and pushed harder for his cooperation, “Her drink was in one of the special crystal glasses with your club’s logo etched along the rim. The ones reserved for VIP customers.”

“That doesn’t prove nothin’.” Danny had known the drug was hard to detect in the body, but the bitch had gotten out of his club with her glass in hand. “I run a clean club.”

“Then how was the lady drugged?” The man in the black coat studied his opponent, waiting for him to break. “All it would take is one call to the New York State Liquor Authority. As the owner you’re responsible, if any narcotics are dispensed on the premises. They’re nosy bureaucrats who can get lost in red tape, and since Rohypnol has been reclassified to a Schedule I drug, they’re likely to shut you down until they can clear up the uh… misunderstanding.”

“Anyone could have slipped it in her drink.” Martello squinted at Careles, trying to maintain his composure. “You could have done it. You were the one who hauled her out of here. Isn’t that how it works? Some guy puts something in a babe’s drink, waits for her to feel the effects and then takes her to wherever…”

“I wouldn’t know, but your security tapes will have the answers.” Nico’s lips hardly moved as he spoke. It took all his considerable control to keep his composure. The accusation turned his stomach.

Danny pushed back his chair and tried to mask his fear and doubt with indignation. “I don’t like this. My club has a reputation to maintain. What happens here stays here.”

“You can count on my discretion, but the Hawks have a reputation to protect as well. Anyone who harms someone involved with the organization has to answer for it.”

Martello lead Nico to a room above his office. There were banks of monitors lining a wall above a well-organized workstation. “I’ll send Carl, my tech guy to access the information for you.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Careles was familiar with the technology involved.

“It’s very necessary.” Danny glared back. “I’m letting ya in here as a courtesy, but one of my people will accompany you.” Martello was terrified so he struck out verbally. “As I said earlier, you coulda been the one to slip TK’s girlie a Mickey.”

“TK’s girlie?” Nico frowned and pulled lightly on his left ear, as Martello slammed the door.

Solstice had seven cameras placed at strategic areas throughout the club. Nico and Carl Thomas, a recent grad from Stanford, examined the footage from all but one of them. They saw Dani enter the club and move to the bar but it wasn’t until she reached for her phone that anything unusual happened.

“Wait, back-up,” Nico asked Carl. “Zoom in on the bar beside that woman.” He pointed to Santino as she turned away from her drink to dig in her purse for her cell.

The camera was positioned to watch the bartender and caught the backs of people at the bar. Dani was seated on the last stool to the right. Only a small portion of the antique oak bar was seen beyond her. “Now run that section as slow as you can.”

“Damn, Mr. Careles, you could be right.” The men watched as an enlarged, blurry hand came in from the area not caught on camera and moved directly over the top of Dani’s drink. The technician played it three times but all they could see was a hand slip quickly over her glass and move away.

“Are there any cameras that would show us more?” Even knowing what he’d been looking for, Nico was surprised how much it hurt to see Santino being drugged.

“No, Sir.” Thomas quickly brought each camera online until the large main monitor was divided into a grid with seven squares, each showed a different view at the same moment in time, except for one that was filled with snow. “The one that would be the most help is over the cash register and points out into the room but…” He nodded toward the section without a picture. “It went out for repair yesterday afternoon.”

“Thank you for your help. Would you make me a copy of those last ten seconds?” Nico dug a blank flash drive out of his pocket and handed to Carl.

“Sure thing, anything I can do to help. I’m a real Hawks fan.” The tech quickly made a copy of the few seconds before, during, and after the pertinent incident and loaded it onto the drive. “You hear of that kind of thing happening from time to time but it’s terrible that it took place where I work. Is the lady all right?”

“She’s shaken up, but I got to her before she was harmed.”

“Good, that’s good.” Carl didn’t hear Nico leave. He was busy rearranging his screens, so he was looking at Solstice in real time. The large main room was empty except for the cleaning crew.

Nico passed a glass-covered bulletin board at the bottom of the stairs, between the men’s and ladies’ room. He took a moment and examined the pictures that were locked inside. They were photos and news clippings of celebrities who frequented Solstices. The one that caught his eye was of Dani Santino and TK hugging in the locker room. He’d been there when it was taken and recognized it immediately. It was after the Hawks had won the first playoff game. TK was shirtless and covered in sweat and champagne. The wide receiver had picked up the petite doctor and swung her around. Both looked ecstatic, and to anyone who didn’t know the backstory, it could have been mistaken for a very intimate moment. Two people caught unawares in the midst of chaos and flash bulbs.

Careles was relieved to see that the publicity department was doing its job. So far the press hadn’t identified the doctor. The caption on the photo read: Wide Receiver catches an arm full of victory.

It took a few seconds longer than usual for Nico to put the pieces together. Since TK had been shot, the head of security hadn’t had more than a few hours of sleep a night. But when it all clicked his temper surged.

“Martello,” he called as his quick strides ate up the distance to the man’s office. “Martello, you still in there?”

“Careles, what the hell.” The club owner grouched. “I’ve given you all the time I can spare.”

“I don’t think so.” Nico stepped into the shorter man’s space. He didn’t need to lay a hand on him to take control of the situation.

“What, what do you want?” Danny gasped.

“What made you think that the woman I took out of here last night was one of TK’s?” Careles glared.

“Uh…well…” he licked his lips unsure what to say.

“Tell me.” Nico spoke softly and leaned his arm against Danny’s chest, pinning him to the door.

“She came in here after him once,” his mouth was so dry it was hard to speak. “And there was a picture. I mean, who else but one of his posse is gonna be rubbin’ up against him like that.”

“Is that why she was treated like a VIP last night?” Nico glared at the frightened man.


“You were on the door when she arrived and let her in ahead of the crowd, so you might want to be very careful how you answer that question.” He pushed his elbow harder into the pressure point in Danny’s shoulder.

“Ouch, man you’re hurting me.” He whined.

“Then you better answer my question.” Careles squinted.

“She…uh… looked familiar and made me think of TK. Besides she’s hot.” Danny had been surprised when he saw her close up. She was hot but older than he had expected. His plan had been to feed her the drug. Once he messed up her clothes, he’d see where it led. King’s women usually gave it away easily. If not, he only needed to create the illusion. It would send TK over the edge and hopefully out of football forever. “The hotties are good for business.” He added with a knowing smile.

“Listen to me very carefully because I am only going to say this once.” Nico leaned his weight into the struggling man. “None of the women who are involved with the Hawks are to be considered ‘good for business’, that one in particular. When they are in your club, I expect you to see that they are treated respectfully and with care. Do I make myself clear?” His voice was low and harsh, barely above a whisper.

“Let me go, damnit, or I’m callin’ the cops.” It was an empty threat but the club owner was terrified.

“Do-you-understand-me.” Nico growled, more command than question

“Yeah, I think I do.” Danny pulled away as Nico loosened his grip. Once he was safely behind his desk, with the large piece of furniture and the length of the room separating them, Martello met Nico’s eyes and smirked. “She belongs to you, doesn’t she? Somehow I never pictured you settling for TK’s sloppy-seconds, Careles.”

Nico’s left brow rose. It was his job to protect anyone involved with The Pittman Group. Martello was a fool and getting into a pissing contest with him would only slow down the investigation. “A woman involved with the Hawks was drugged in here last night. I have the proof from your cameras. You need to start questioning your staff. I’ll be back in a few hours. If you haven’t gotten answers from them, I will.” He turned and opened the door before looking over his shoulder. “One other thing. I want the picture taken down from your ‘trophy case’. It doesn’t belong there.”

“The bartender has the key.” Martello glared, leaning forward so his outstretched palms rested on his desk and took most of his weight.

When the door closed behind Careles, Danny dropped into his desk chair and reached into his bottom desk drawer for his bottle of scotch. He poured himself a glass and then another and another. He kept on drinking until his hands stopped shaking, never once slowing to enjoy the fine, aged single-malt.

“Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” Martello muttered into his glass. He’d really screwed up. He’d always loved cards, dice and the ponies, but had put all that behind him. He’d kicked the habit until recently, when he’d begun wagering on sports. It had started out with a few careful bets, but this fall, he’d lost control. Football seemed to be his weak spot, and no matter how much he lost, he couldn’t stop. The Hawks game against Chicago had seemed like a Godsend. The team was shaky, and TK was having problems. Danny thought it was a sure thing. When King got his second wind with seconds to spare, it had cost Martello more than he could hope to repay to a man who wasn’t known for his patience.

He blamed his actions on fear. All he’d wanted to do was strike out at Terence King but the player was under heavy guard in the hospital due to a drunken fan’s lunacy. When Danny had seen the woman from the photo with TK, waiting in line for his club, he’d motioned her forward and decided right then and there how to get his revenge.

It wouldn’t get his money back and he’d most likely end up with some broken bones from his lone shark, but he’d have the satisfaction of knowing King would suffer too. Now, it seemed he’d messed this up, too. The woman with the hot body and the fuck me shoes belonged to Nico Careles.

“Shit!” he muttered, unsure who frightened him more: Careles or Dante, the blonde, blue-eyed man who owned his soul.

Nico headed toward the Queensboro Bridge and Long Island on the other side of the East River. He had a meeting with Tony in a parking lot two miles from the Hawks’ practice field. What he did from there depended on what the older, balding man had found out.

Dani did her best to ignore the chaos that was swirling around her. Not long after Xeno had pulled into her driveway, another man had arrived at her Manhasset home, and she suspected there was a third parked across the street in a nondescript black car.

“Dr. Santino, this is Kevin O’Connell.” Xeno introduced her to a slim, muscular, fair-haired man carrying tools and coils of coaxial cable.

“Ma’am.” Kevin stood straight, his shoulders back and his arms at his sides. His bearing shouted military. She wondered where Nico dug up these men but knew it would be useless to ask.

“Good to meet you, Kevin.” She smiled despite her headache.

“Xeno, any idea how long this is going to take?” Dani asked wearily. When O’Connell arrived and began unloading boxes, she gave up any hope that she would be left alone for the afternoon.

“Well, Ma’am, your door alarms need to be upgraded so they can be monitored along with all of Pittman Groups’ others. You should have motion and crash detectors on the windows and secondary motion detectors in the stairwells. We’ll put in three control boxes, one in the master bedroom, the upstairs hall and the last near the door you use the most often when coming and going. You’ll be able to arm and disarm all your alarms from them and switch between maximum and occupied security. Mr. Careles wants cameras at all doors with monitors in the kitchen, the master bedroom and the upstairs hall.”

“Mr. Careles wants cameras?” Dani’s brows rose along with her temper.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Well, we’ll see about that,” she muttered as she rubbed her aching temples and pulled out her cell.

“What can I do for you, Dr. Santino?” Nico’s voice echoed in her ear, as if from a distance. Just before he spoke, she’d thought she caught jazz playing in the background but the music disappeared so quickly she believed it was her imagination.

“Where are you?” she demanded.

“On the Queensboro Bridge heading toward the Long Island practice field.” He wasn’t about to tell her that he had another meeting along the way.

“You can’t put security cameras above the entrances to my house. My office is here. My patients have to be guaranteed privacy. How would Marshall Pittman like it if there was a video record of all of his players and investments who have walked though my door?”

“Let me speak to Xeno,” he instructed.

Dani handed over her phone. The conversation between the two men didn’t last more than a few seconds before the large man in her kitchen gave her cell back to her.

“Nico, why do…Nico?” Dani’s eyes fluttered closed and she bit her lower lip. She was surprised that his typical abrupt action caused a bloom of pain in her chest. She’d wanted to ask about the car parked across from her house but he hadn’t given her a chance.

“Sorry, Dr. Santino. The boss had a meeting.” Xeno shrugged and pretended he didn’t see her lips quiver in sorrow and then tighten in anger. “I can rig the camera for your office door so it’s on a separate circuit from the others. That will allow you to arm and disarm it independently.”

“Thank you.” She smiled tightly, feeling as if her life was in free fall. “I’m going upstairs to change. Let me know when you need to get up there.”

“Sure thing, Ma’am.”

All the way to her room, Dani gripped her cellphone. There was a call she needed to make but had been dreading it. Her training told her that the simple fact that she didn’t want to have the conversation made it all the more necessary. Before she could change her mind she punched in a number.

“Dr. Molly Decker,” the tall lanky redhead answered her office line that was routed to her cell when she wasn’t there.

“Mol, it’s Dani,” Santino identified herself.

“Long time no see,” Molly laughed. “How are you doing, kiddo?” Though Molly was slightly younger than Dani, Decker had gone straight to college after high school and on to graduate school. The redhead had been Santino’s mentor when she was doing her PhD.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I need…do you have some time for me?”

“Are you all right? Are your children safe?” Molly’s voice was calm but insistent.

“The kids are great and I’m…well I need some help putting my life back in perspective.”

“I can see you right now if you don’t mind my house instead of my office.” The other therapist was worried. No matter what had come Dani Santino’s way, she was always a rock, but it sounded as if she was about to crumble.

“Right now, I need sleep more than anything. Do you have time tomorrow?”

“How’s five o’clock?” Decker consulted her online schedule.

“That would be great. Thanks Molly, we’ll talk then.”

Nico was still frowning in displeasure when he parked in the large lot for Home Depot in Queens. He could picture the French doors that led to a patio outside Dr. Santino's office. A rookie at breaking and entering could pop the lock in seconds. That was easily remedied and he would be sure to have Xeno see to it. What really worried him was the entrance reserved for patients. It led directly into Dani's office, was partially hidden from the street and she wasn't as careful as she should be about checking before opening it. He didn't like leaving either entrance without constant surveillance, but the doctor had a point about patient privacy.

When Tony pulled into the parking space beside him, Nico unlocked his car door and turned up the volume on his music so the sound of Miles Davis would block any recording devices in the area. He made a mental note to be sure and call before he knocked on Dani's door, in the future. It wouldn't do to have his late night visits recorded by even his people. That done, he moved on to the business at hand.

To Ch 7 - Like Shards of Broken Glass




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