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In The Fog - Ch 2 - Found

Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me, if they did, S1 DVD's would be out and S2's renewal announced.
Timeline: This takes place a year to eighteen months after Medea
Note: I had a lot of requests to write this, I hope it lives up to expectations.
Previous Chapter : Ch 1 - Lost

In The Fog

By Lattelady

Ch 2 - Found


Felix and a group of agents had caught the bad guys, while Rachel and Hood had staked out the primary drop sight. What had started out as cover - two people feigning a passionate embrace - had become very real and neither wanted to let go.

The case was all over except the paperwork…He let go of the scientist in him and was simply a man kissing the woman he’d come to love and desire more than he thought humanly possible.

They were safe…Agent Young disappeared into the fog and left behind was a woman clinging to the man who meant everything to her.

There was no need for them to pretend any longer…So they didn’t.

Caught up in the moment, they continued to let the deep foggy night hide them. The only lights were high above their heads, a string of jewels, lost in the mist, illuminating the spans of the Golden Gate Bridge as they stretched from tower to tower, connecting San Francisco with Marin County to the north.

On the ground, far below, Rachel Young was completely focused on the wonder of being kissed senseless by Jacob Hood. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. He’d clasped her tightly about the waist with his right arm and the back of her neck was caught in the crook of his left. Bodies pressed close; fingers tighten; tongues clashed, tasted and explored, as two people gave into the need that they had tried to avoid for over a year.

“Rachel,” Hood’s voice was rough with desire that curled deep in his gut and sizzled through his blood. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep control of his feelings. After his wife, Maggie, had died, he’d walled off his emotions, determined to protect himself from ever being hurt again. But Rachel had snuck up and blindsided him. He wasn’t sure when or how it had happened but all of the sudden, he’d realized he wasn’t alone anymore and didn’t want to be. “…We should get out of here…now.” He held her tightly against his body while they took deep gasping breaths of the damp night air.

“Yeah,” she sighed and ran her tongue over her lips, only to discover they tasted of him – coffee, dark, deep, and very dear to her. In an attempt to ground herself, she slid her hand from his shoulder to cup his jaw and slowly traced his high slanting cheekbone with the pad of her thumb. “Yeah, good idea.”

“Rachel,” he growled. His eyes snapped from deep hazel to black, as he turned to press his mouth against her palm and nipped the sensitive skin. “Don’t…push…our…luck,” he growled.

She pulled back, putting a few inches between them, though neither was willing to let go of the other. “I want…” her words trailed off into nothing, her thought process short-circuited as he gently kneaded the muscles of her upper arm in sharp contrast to the stern taut expression on his face.

“Yeah, me too.” He could feel her quiver at his touch. They were both dangerously close to the edge. He cared too much about her for a quick semi-public fuck. It would take care of the moment, but destroy the future. “Let’s get back to the hotel.” The first time he made love to her he wanted to take his time. He wanted to take all damn night.

It took them ten minutes to walk back to Marina Boulevard. The fog swirled around them and muffled their footsteps. Rachel’s hair blew in the wind off the Bay. She shivered against Jacob, glad for the arm he kept wrapped around her shoulders and that her side was pressed warmly against his.

“Not too much further, though it would help if you’d fasten your coat.” His fingers skimmed the buttons, asking permission. He knew she always kept it open, because it was easier to get to her weapon that way but they were safe and the night was cold.

“No, I can’t.” She wanted to wrap both arms around him and rest her head against his shoulder. She wanted to feel the tantalizing rub of his muscles and skin against hers as they walked to the busy street to get a cab. But she simply couldn’t turn off that final piece of her that was FBI. “Not in the open like this, with no visibility.” It had been different, back there, hidden in the dark doorway of the small café at Crissy field. Back there, once she knew they were no longer in danger, she’d been able to let go and forget their respective roles. She’d been able to give in to what she’d wanted for a long time and really kiss him.

Hood didn’t argue, he knew her too well and understood how hard it was for her to put aside her training.

Twenty minutes later their cab pulled up in front of their hotel. Without saying a word, they walked side-by-side through the almost deserted lobby. Once in the elevator Hood’s right hand drifted until his knuckles rubbed against the back of her left hand. They parted in the hall, each going to their respective room, only to meet moments later, face to face in the doorway that when opened, turned two separate rooms into a suite. They’d both shed their coats and Rachel had taken off her weapon, holster and badge.

“Hood, wait,” she pleaded, a hand pressed against his chest, as he stepped closer to her. For the moment they were safe, each was in his own room, but once a step was taken, it would all change.

“Jacob -- Rachel,” his eyes were as stormy as his words. “If nothing else comes of this evening, you will learn to use my name.”

“Jacob,” she whispered and he nodded in approval before she continued. “This can’t…” Her hand shook as she gently caressed his cheek. “My job is to protect you.” All the professional reasons why it was a bad idea to continue what they had begun flew through her head. She knew them by heart, and if it had been any one but him, it would have been enough to stop her before it started.

“This has nothing to do with our jobs.”

“You realize if we do this, we’ll cross a line and there will be no going back.” Rachel had to be realistic. Hood was the smartest person she knew and the kindest, but when it came to being practical, that was her job.

“Sorry to be the one to tell you.” A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth and his eyes sparkled as he kissed her cheek and then her nose, “But,” one more kiss on each eyelid before he continued speaking, “We’ve already crossed that line months ago.”

“But wanting isn’t the same as having.” It was hard for her to stand firm when all she really wanted to do was give in to the wild tide of emotions he elicited simply by being the man he was.

“No, just a hell of a lot more frustrating and from my point of view, a waste of time.” He ran his right hand through her hair, enjoying the silky feel of the golden strands.

“You’re making this very difficult for me.” She nibbled on her lower lip. He was so close she could smell the slight spice of his aftershave.

“Rachel, I’d never hurt you.” His softly spoken words were like a short to her heart.

“But I can’t make you the same promise,” her voice broke and her eyes filled with tears. “Jacob, I’m an FBI agent, your protection detail. Next time, the smallpox may be real, the bomb closer, or the shot truer. I can’t change who I am, but I…ah…I…care too much about you to let you get hurt again.”

“Sweetheart…sharing a bed with you won’t change how I’d feel if something happened to you,” he whispered against her temple and ran his hands up and down her sides, taking special care to slowly caress the sides of her breasts as he moved past them. He’d almost said making love, but had stopped himself because he knew she wasn’t ready to hear it yet. Tonight, he’d simply have to show her how he felt. “I know exactly what I’m getting into. I was the one on the outside of that containment barrier. I had your blood on my hand, coat and shirt when you almost bled to death. And I’m well aware of every bruise or bang you’ve ever taken for me.” He gently touched her face where her hair hid more than one scar as he walked her slowly backward into her room. “I know what I’m getting into.”

“Do you? Because I’m as confused as hell. It seemed so much clearer back there at Crissy Field.”

“That’s Agent Young taking.”

“That’s who I am.”

“You’re far more than that.” He ran his hands under her top, caressing the smooth skin of her back until she sighed. “I’ve seen how men look at your FBI persona. First they see the beautiful face and killer body, then the gun and badge. The combination of power and sexuality causes them to want one of two things, to dominate or be dominated.” He had to rein in his temper at those careless men who wanted to use her in such a way. “You brush them aside like they’re nothing. I don’t plan on being brushed aside or treated as if I’m nothing. I’m not one of those men. When we are like this, it isn’t the agent I’m interested in. I want the woman.”

“You may be asking for more than I can give,” her voice was rough and it hurt to speak. Jacob had seen far more than she realized in their two years together and it had angered him. That knowledge made it hard for her to breathe. She rested her head on his shoulder, needing to feel as much of him as she could, to reassure him and to reassure her.

“I don’t think so, but the choice is yours.” He held her close with one hand buried in her hair. The other rubbed circles in the skin between her shoulder blades. He wished he could see her eyes, then he would know what she was thinking. Had he asked for too much?

Moments later she stepped out of his arms, her head came up and her eyes were shining deep pools of blue. “I choose you,” she whispered as she pulled her top over her head. It had been a simple choice really. Rachel knew she stood to lose far more than she’d ever gain if she let Jacob slip through her fingers. She was no longer willing to settle for only knowing Hood, she wanted the man he was, as much as he wanted the woman she was.

Hours later they lay tangled together in bed. Clothes were strewn on the floor and the bedside light still burned.

“Rachel, you should try and get some sleep.” Jacob held her against him, her head on his shoulder. He ran his hand down her arm from shoulder to elbow, unable to stop touching her.

“We have to get up in two hours.” Her voice was hoarse from lack of sleep and crying out his name over and over again. “That feels nice. You feel nice.” she acknowledged his touch and nuzzled her nose against his breastbone. There wasn’t an inch of skin on her body that he hadn’t explored. It left her feeling boneless and sated and filled with wonder.

“You should still try and get some sleep. I’m the one who only needs a few hours, remember.”

“Yeah,” Her skin resting against his was a joy she hadn’t expected. “You’ll still be here when I wake up?” Rachel’s eyes had drifted closed.

“Not going anywhere, Sweetheart.”

“You called me sweetheart,” she smiled sleepily. “You did that before, at Crissy Field and when we were making love.”


“That’s what it was, wasn’t it?” Rachel’s eyes were wide open as she asked the important question. “It was lo…” she couldn’t make herself say the word. How had it happened that she’d fallen in love with Jacob Hood? It made no sense, it was a threat to her career, but it felt so very right. He was everything, and more than, that she’d ever wanted in a man.

“Yes but there is nothing past tense about it.” Jacob rolled her beneath him, his lips hovered millimeters above hers.

“Good,” she whispered, enjoying his body moving against hers. “I feel…”

“So do I.” They settled for showing that they loved each other. There would be time for words later.

This really is the end


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Apr. 20th, 2009 05:48 am (UTC)
A sequel?! Just as lovely as the original; I loved it. There is not enough good Eleventh Hour fics out there, in my opinion. Meming! ♥
Apr. 20th, 2009 11:15 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a number of requests to write a chapter two. And I agree, I wish there were more EH fics out there.

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