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In The Fog - Ch 1 - Lost

Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me. I just wanted to play with them for a while.
Timeline: This takes place a year to eighteen months after Medea
Note: This story came to be because I read Obsidian Jade’s story A Woman Scorned and really wanted to write a Hood/Rachel kiss, too.

In The Fog

By Lattelady

Ch 1 - Lost


It was a dark, damp night. Fog rolled in off of San Francisco Bay, making surveillance difficult. Rachel Young and Jacob Hood hugged the side of a small café that had been closed for hours. They were well hidden and close enough to their suspects’ drop spot that they would be able to see them before any more damage was done. Felix Lee was waiting with back-up from a local Bureau team and would close in when the signal was given.

Rachel gripped her weapon tightly in her right hand and had a secure hold on Hood’s sleeve with her left. The good doctor kept trying to push past her to see what was hidden in the mist ahead of them, but it was her job to stay between him and harms way.

She leaned back to press her cheek against his shoulder and hissed, “Stay behind me.”

“I am,” he whispered in her ear and caught a faint whiff of the perfume she thought he couldn’t detect. Just because she didn’t wear it when working, didn’t mean he couldn’t pick up slight traces of it lingering on her coat and in her hair. The scent reminded him of antique roses and spice, a combination he found most intriguing. Over a year earlier, during a case in New York City, he’d tipped his hand and commented on it. She’d frozen as if he’d insulted her.

The sound of traffic was muffled by blasts of the foghorn from the southern tower of the Golden Gate Bridge but they had an excellent view of the parking lot at Crissy Field. So it caught them by surprise when a car came along the service road behind them. Who ever was driving, had pass codes to the gates that still peppered the Presidio. Gates leftover from when it was an Army base and used now to prevent unauthorized vehicles from having access to the underside of the bridge. If it was their suspects, they’d underestimated them.

“Damn,” Rachel muttered. She and Jacob slid back three feet to a recessed doorway they’d passed moments earlier. It kept them in the shadows of the approaching headlights but there wasn’t enough cover to hide them completely. Young knew that if the car came much closer, they’d be discovered.

“Play along with me here.” She looked up at him with pleading eyes as she wrapped one arm around his neck and stood on her toes to press her mouth to his. The hand holding her Glock Compact shook slightly as she slid it under his coat and around his waist, pulling him closer. The action hid her weapon from sight and completed the picture of lovers overcome with need on a late night walk along the Bay.

“Why, Rachel, this is so sudden,” Jacob whispered, as he nibbled on her lips, enjoying the soft feel of them against his. Though the feelings involved weren’t sudden and they both knew it. They were something he and Rachel had been dancing around for over a year, since she’d been kidnapped and almost bled to death.

Hood wound his arms around her and straightened, lifting her feet off the ground. He wasn’t sure if the responding sound that came from deep in her throat and vibrated against his mouth was caused by annoyance or laughter. Either way it didn’t matter, anyone who didn’t know her as well as he did, would think it was passion.

He turned, trapping her body between his and the doorframe, and gently buried his hand in her hair to pull long blonde strands free of the elastic grip that held them in a tight ponytail. He was aware her second growl was a mixture of anger and pleasure.

“Temper…temper,” he whispered before returning to a thorough exploration of her mouth. He didn’t give a damn about the anger. He wasn’t taking a chance on a repeat of a year ago. The memory of her bleeding and helpless still washed through his nightmares. It made him pull her closer and kiss her deeper. She tasted of chocolate and cinnamon, all hot and sweet at the same time.

Rachel dug her fingers into his collar as her head spun. They were on very dangerous ground. She may have put them there by initiating the kiss, but Hood was galloping off a cliff and taking her with him. His kisses were so real they aroused every emotion in her body. She didn’t know how much longer she could pretend that touching him…tasting him…feeling him pressed against her…was only for cover.

The FBI agent in her was quickly losing ground, as something deeper and stronger fought to take control. While she could still think, she forced her eyes open and took a look at the advancing car, trying to concentrate on their position. Hood’s strategy had been a good one. All the people in the auto were able to see was the outline of his broad back and her arm thrown tightly around his neck.

She kissed her way from his jaw to his ear, trying to ignore the way his skin felt against hers. “They’re right behind us. Looks like two of ‘em.” She pressed her face against neck and raked her hand into his hair. Her lips still tingled from traveling across evening stubble.

She felt him nod and cup her chin, tipping it upward so their eyes met, inches apart. “Just how real do you want this to get?” His mouth moved against hers. When she couldn’t answer right away, he sucked gently on her lower lip, not letting go until she sighed in response.

“It’s…it’s just because of adrenaline.” Rachel tried one last time to deny what was between them, despite the fact that her hands were shaking so badly that she’d slipped her weapon into the back of his jeans for fear of dropping it. When her finger inadvertently grazed skin at his waist she sighed and tucked her nose into the V of his sweater. He was surrounding her and she was touching far more of his skin than was wise. But God help her, she wanted to touch even more.

“That—it--is,” Hood’s quiet voice ran over her like smoked honey. “As you’re discovering, we’re talking about vastly different things.” His face pressed against her ear and he nipped on her lobe between words. To further prove his point, he ran his thumb down her throat, until it rested on the upper slope of her breast. His nail flicked against the scoop neck of her tank, teasing, offering more, daring her to keep hiding what she was feeling. It was a small movement, but it was her undoing.

“Jacob…” she gasped and threw back her head, leaning into his touch.

He covered her mouth quickly with his; muting any further noise she might make as his palm slid over her breast with fingers rubbing against the skin above the cloth of her top.

Twenty feet away the driver of the car heard a high-pitched gasp. “What was that?” he put down his beer and asked his companion.

“Turn on the brights. There’s something moving in that doorway.” As the headlights came on high, Jacob and Rachel were splashed with light. They blinked and huddled together in an attempt to keep up what had started as a charade.

“Shit, lets get out of here.” The passenger exclaimed when she saw the couple pressed close together.

“Wait, ya think they’re gonna do it?” The driver asked eagerly.

“That’s so gross, Michael.” The girl crinkled her nose at her boyfriend. “Did ya see the guy, he musta been like forty.”

“He had his hand on her breast.” Mike was filled with admiration. Old or not, the man in the doorway had gotten a lot farther than he had tonight.

“Old people sex is disgusting! You’re one sick dude.” She leaned forward and turned on the radio.

Michael had no desire to be caught, so he drove quickly away. He’d borrowed his dad’s car and pass codes to try and impress Lynette. It looked like he wasn’t gonna get any tonight…Though there was that deserted spot up on Twin Peaks…maybe it was worth a shot. If the old guy could get himself a handful of boob, he should be able to do at least as well.

At the first sound of a motor jumping to life, Rachel ripped her mind from all the delicious sensations that had her head spinning and her body throbbing. Her fingers fumbled around the familiar grip of her Glock, and it took her a moment before she had a steady enough hold on it to pull it from where she’d stashed it. All the while wondering if she’d gone a bit crazy.

“What was that?” Hood looked over his shoulder as the car, that had been parked so close to them, became nothing but taillights and loud music in the distance. He still had Rachel’s body pressed tightly against the doorframe and had no plans of letting her go anytime soon.

“Besides me being stupid?” Her words came out breathy and strange, nothing like the strong FBI agent she believed she was. Then to add insult to injury, she jumped slightly when vibration from her cell phone in her pocket caught her off guard. She quickly holstered her weapon and grabbed the phone.

“Young,” to her horror, her voice broke.

“We got them, Ma’am,” Felix laughed into the phone, too excited from the arrest to hear anything out of the ordinary.

“What…when?” She was confused, how could they have intercepted the car that had just pulled away in the opposite direction from where Lee had been waiting with his men.

“Made the arrest ‘bout five minutes ago. Apparently they went to their secondary drop sight. Said something ‘bout kids making out at their primary.”

“Kids?” Her hand twitched, in surprise and she would have dropped the cell if Jacob hadn’t wrapped his fingers around hers, shifting so they could both listen to the conversation. It brought their bodies back to where they’d been before the car interrupted them.

“Yes, Ma’am. Does Dr. Hood need to question these guys tonight? We caught them with the evidence in the backseat of their car.”

“Hood do you need to…” She knew he’d heard most of Felix’s conversation, but she wanted to give him a graceful way out if he needed it.

“No, I don’t and neither do you.” Jacob never took his eyes off hers as he spoke. He took her phone out of her hand and spoke quietly into it. “Don’t bother waiting around for us, we’ll catch a cab back to the hotel. See you in the morning, Felix.” He closed the cell and slipped it into his pocket, in one smooth economical move.

“Hood?” her voice was filled with trepidation. She’d seen that look on his face before and knew his mind was crunching ideas at warp speed. “What are you planning?”

“Lots of things, Rachel, lots of things.” He ran his thumb along her lower lip to stretch out the anticipation. “And you’re going to discover everyone of them.”

“Hood…” she tried one last argument, but no words came. It was impossible to think when he touched her like that.

“Jacob,” he countered. “You called me Jacob when we were kissing.”


“Hush.” He leaned against her and ran both hands up her neck until he cupped her cheeks. His fingers were buried deep in her hair as he began to lower his mouth to hers. When he was millimeters away he whispered. “I’m going to kiss you now and then we’re going back to the hotel and see what develops.”

She nodded as if hypnotized and then hungrily closed the scant distance between them.

Ch 2 - Found


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Apr. 6th, 2009 08:07 pm (UTC)
Aww, I love this! ♥ Totally meming! :)
Apr. 7th, 2009 12:22 am (UTC)
Thanks. I really like to see how much steam I can create and still keep everyone's clothes on and not give an anatomy lesson. It's nice to know I did what I set out to do.
Apr. 9th, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow. Your Hood is just spot on. I love the whole slope down & Rachel's loss of control. Yum!
Apr. 10th, 2009 03:59 am (UTC)
LOL thanks so much. Glad to know Hood worked for you. I'm still new enough at this fandom that the characters are a challenge.
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