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Title: Zoom Zoom
Characters: CDG - for all five drabbles
Rating: PG
Prompt - Moss
Disclaimer: So not mine or they would be working on getting together. - for all four drabbles
Previous Drabbles: Ch 1; ; Ch 3; Ch 4; Ch 5; Ch 6; Ch 7; Ch 8; ; Ch 10; Ch 11; Ch 12; Ch 13; Ch 14; Ch 15; Ch 16; Ch 17

Zoom Zoom

by Lattelady

DG had always loved speed. She believed a rolling stone gathered no moss, so she kept on rolling. Even after she woke to a strange new world brightly lit by two suns, her feet, tenacity and infectious grin propelled her onward.

When she heard screams, picked up a stick and ran off to save a family from impossible odds, her life tilted on its axis more drastically than the spin of a travel storm. She had taken responsibility, she’d tried to help, and she came face to face with a tin man.

Her life would never be the same again.

Title: Watching - Part 1 - In The Shadows
Prompt: Kitchen

Part 1 - In The Shadows

He didn’t know how she had the energy to slip out of her room, but she did. Everyone else with even half a brain was asleep, but not DG. She’d defeated the Witch, set her sister and all of the O.Z. free. Now five hours later she was still awake.

He followed her quietly down the back stairs to the kitchen and watched from the shadows while she gathered ingredients from cupboards, cooler, and shelves.

He relaxed and put his weapon back in its holster when he realized she was cooking. Not even she could get into trouble doing that.

Title: Watching - Part 2 - Hidden Companionship
Prompt: Visit

Part 2 - Hidden Companionship

Late, every night for three months DG had gotten up and gone down to prepare food. Cain realized these visits into the Cook’s territory helped relax her, so he didn’t put a stop to them, but he did follow her.

She never acknowledged his hidden presence and he never talked about what he saw there.

Soon he was able to read her mood and how well she was adjusting by what she did in that room. When she made something that involved chopping onions, he knew she was sad. It allowed her tears to fall without giving into crying.

Title: Watching - Part 3 - Choices
Prompt: Warrior

Part 3 - Choices

Summer was in full swing when DG’s nightly cooking took a bizarre turn. From his hiding place Cain heard her begin to hum. By the end of the week she was singing softly and dancing provocatively between the stove and the counter.

Late one night, she was lost in her own little world of Other Side music, when she heard a groan from the shadows. It was the first time he had betrayed his presence, but she was driving him crazy.

“You’re a warrior, not a dancer, but join me.” She held out her hand to him in invitation.

Title: Watching - Part 4 - Through Waiting
Prompt: Cheer

Part 4 - Through Waiting

“Anything to keep my Princess cheerful.” He slowly joined her on the old black and white tile floor. At first he held her properly as they danced.

“You’ve done this before,” she accused.

“Once or twice.” He smiled and pulled her closer as her humming grew slower.

“You’re very good. Do you know other dances?” she whispered. He made her tingle just by touching her.

“Oh yeah and I plan on teaching you every one of them.” He grinned wickedly and slowly caressed her back to be sure his meaning was clear.

“Thank goodness,” she sighed and kissed him.



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