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Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: See chapter 1
Pairing: CDG
Note: Angstest chapter, but then it gets better
Previous Chapters: Ch 1 / Ch 2

The Deals We Make



Ch 3 - Another Deal


DG had been queen for fourteen months, when Azkadellia miscarried for the third time. The healers shook their heads in sorrow, but there was nothing they could do. It appeared as if conception was no problem, but she couldn’t carry a child past the second month.

“It’s the Witch’s doing, I’m sure of it.” Az cried as Ambrose held her. “She must have done something to my body so that she didn’t have to worry about there ever being a baby Gale who might someday oppose her.”

“I can carry the child for you.” Deeg smiled. She knew how much the couple wanted a baby. With each miscarriage, Az grew more depressed and DG more worried.

“It can’t be done.” The princess sniffed and held onto her husband.

“Are you telling me that we have the knowledge to remove a brain and then put it back, but don’t know anything about artificial insemination?”

“Ya lost me, Dollface.” Ambrose glitched, it was a sign of how upset he was. That was the only time his personality migrated anymore.

“It’s done all the time on the Other Side. I don’t know the details, but they take the sperm from the man and the ovum from the woman, and once conception takes place, they implant it.”

“Whoa, Your Highness, as much as we appreciate the offer, don’t mention it to anyone.” Ambrose was back and fully himself. “If you gave birth out of wedlock, the child would be declared illegitimate and unable to inherited the throne.”

“But there has to be something we can do.” The young Queen felt her world tilt.

“I’m sorry, little sister.” Az’s eyes swam with tears. “It was the one thing you asked of me and I’m failing you. We’ll keep trying. I promise you.”

“No,” Deeg whispered in defeat. “You have to do what’s best for you. All of this is my fault from annuals ago,” her words rushed together. She turned quickly and ran from the room.

Tears were falling down her face when she opened the door and ran smack into Jeb Cain. He’d been guarding the room she’d been in, as faithfully as he always did. He followed her to her chambers unsure what to say. In all the time he’d known her, he’d never seen her cry.

“You’re to tell no one.” She had her arms wrapped around her body to keep from shaking. “Is that clear, Jeb? No one at all.” Their eyes met and he knew she was speaking about his dad.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

DG fell on her bed and wept. A shadow of fear and pain had swept into her heart. Did she abandon the OZ or force herself to marry and sleep with a man she didn’t love?

Azkadellia crept down the hall, until she joined Jeb at his guard post. “Give this letter to your father. It’s vitally important.” As she handed him the note their eyes met in understanding.

To Ch 4 - A New Deal"



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