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Disclaimer: See chapter one
Beta Reader: Devil Girl
Rating: Story - R/Chapter - Not quite an R
Previous Chapters: Ch 1 - Coming Storms; Ch 2 - Nothing Is What It Seems; Ch 3 - Second Chances; Ch 4 - A New Beginning - Part I; Ch 4 - A New Beginning - Part II; Ch 5 - Numb - Part I

For Love Of Sarah

by lattelady6

Ch 5 - Numb - Part II

Days turned into weeks, spring ripened in the Underground and both Magic and Sarah remained untouched. At night, gentle winds hinting of the coming summer blew down from the hills across the great bay and everything was in bloom. Sarah enjoyed her work at Corramar and Toby went to school in the village. But where the young boy made friends easily and was soon accepted into the group of Fae, Elves, Humans and Goblins who populated the area, Sarah was not so lucky. Her drawings were widely sought after, but no one knew what to make of the quiet, introspective woman. She was unlike any human they’d ever met. It was obvious that she was in the King’s good graces, and loved her brother dearly, so she couldn’t have been a wisher-away. But it was just as obvious that she was hiding something.

Marilee visited her mother’s cottage often and tried to befriend the human woman, but Sarah held herself back. She guarded her privacy, refusing even the company of her old friends from six years ago. She knew it didn’t make sense, but the less contact she had with beings that belonged to the Goblin King, the better she felt. His visit to the stables had unnerved her.

Jareth sat in the window of the high eastern tower, looking over his domain. A crystal was nestled in the palm of his gloved hand and it took all his self-restraint not to peer into it and watch Sarah as she went about her day.

It was three weeks since he’d discovered she hadn’t died in the fire that had killed her parents. Three weeks of waiting, of hoping, and of self-discipline that was running short. He’d visited her once at Corramar, but she’d acted strangely. He had been able to feel the desire coursing through her veins, but she’d denied her passions and his. It made no sense. He’d come to the conclusion that she needed more time to heal so he’d kept his visits there to a minimum, though he ached to be by her side. He wasn’t a being who was used to deferring pleasures of any kind and his patience was almost worn out. It wasn’t any help that he felt her pain and despair floating on the air.

With a hasty flick of his wrist, he cupped his hand and slid the crystal to the tips of his fingers as he held it at eye level. “Show me Sarah,” he commanded to its depths. Shadows and fog moved deep within the sphere balanced in front of him.

Miles away, Sarah sat in quiet contemplation. Her hair was wet from a recent swim and her hastily donned gown damp since she lacked a towel. A week earlier, she’d been following the stream that led from Ellamora’s cottage to the Labyrinth, when she’d discovered a waterfall. The narrowing of rocks above caused smooth water to become turbulent before it fell 15 feet to form a natural pool in the river below. Over the centuries, the banks had washed away, creating a wide, sandy-bottomed pond at the base of the falls before the water picked up speed again to twist and turn its way to the great bay, far beyond. It was one of her favorite spots to be when she wasn’t working with the horse, Magic, or spending time with Toby.

She was thankful her brother had settled easily into their new life, even if she hadn’t. He’d made friends at school. Two boys in particular were his usual companions, Quentin Annalow, the son of Mercer and Gwyneth Annalow, a couple who made leather goods. Though his parents were Fae, he appeared as human as any of Toby’s friends from the Aboveground, with dark hair and eyes and a smattering of freckles across his nose. Since Jareth had explained the true fate of wished-away children, she was sure that Quentin was one of them. It was a matter that she refused to dwell on.

Then there was Mortimer Dennimar, the only child of Lord and Lady Dennimar, from the estate to the south of Corramar. He had the slim, fine-boned, fair-haired grace which Sarah had come to equate with Fae. The children were an odd friendly mix in the Underground, and it made Toby fit in all the better.

The three boys ran at will between the cottage, Mortimer’s estate and the village. Sarah tried not to worry because they were always accompanied by at least one of her friends from her pervious visit to the Underground. The group had strict orders to stay out of the Labyrinth. The one and only time they’d disobeyed, a large white barn owl with mismatched eyes had flown screeching over their heads. It had been all the warning they’d needed.

Sarah smiled as she picked a small white flower and sniffed its calming scent. It was apparent Jareth had been keeping a discreet eye on her brother. “I wasn’t going to think about him,” she told the flower. But think about him she did. It was hard not to when she felt his magic all about her.

She was no longer a young girl trying to beat his Labyrinth and he was no longer the menacing king who would take her brother. It would appear there was much more to the Goblin King than she’d known. Six years ago, he’d sparked the love of a 15 year-old girl. Today he was everything a woman of 21 could desire.

He hadn’t come to see her since that day at the stables, but she’d seen him numerous times from a distance. Everyday he galloped at great speed over the countryside, sometimes alone, but usually with one group or another, always on some hurried errand. Three times he’d arrived at Corramar just as she’d been leaving, but he’d never singled her out. It was hard living with him always there, but never there for her. Everywhere she went people talked about him. It was obvious he was a good king. His people adored him and she would have to learn not to. In her attempts to do so she was becoming more and more of a recluse.

“Jareth,” she sighed. She knew she loved him, and for the rest of her life he would be forever out of her reach.

“You called, my lady?” He had been watching her as she sat and gently ran her fingers over the petals of the ancient Flower of the King, so deep in thought she hadn’t heard his approach.

“Your Highness,” she gasped and jumped to her feet. It took her a moment, but she changed her expression from sad longing to a carefully constructed smile. “I forgot that around here beings can appear out of nowhere.”

“My lady, that would be impossible, even for me. Everyone must come from somewhere. I’ll be sure to make my presence known the next time I find you daydreaming in an enchanted glade.” he teased, and picked up the bud she’d dropped. As he turned serious, he placed it gently behind her left ear, ‘a fitting place for a future Queen to wear the King’s flower’. “I wasn’t trying to catch you unawares.”

“I know…I…” her mind went blank. He stood less than three feet away and they were truly alone for the first time in years. He was all she’d ever wanted. He was alive and real and he was finally close enough to touch, but she didn’t dare. Instead she had to be content to absorb his presence. “I…ah… wanted to thank you in person for retrieving my Labyrinth book.” It was a safe neutral topic and the only thing she could think to say. “It means a lot to me…I mean…well…I’ve had it for so long…”

“Marilee gave me your note,” Jareth acknowledged and took a step closer to Sarah. He kept it in a drawer beside his bed, along with the page of pictures he’d found inside her book. He’d needed those as a reminder of all he could lose if he wasn’t patient.

“I didn’t know if it was correct etiquette. I’m still unsure of how one conducts oneself in polite society…. Maybe I shouldn’t have presumed on your time…. you’re the Goblin King and I’m…well, I’m me…” She knew she was rambling, but couldn’t stop. Marilee had assured her it was a proper way to thank him, but it had felt strange. When days and weeks had gone by and Jareth hadn’t responded it had made her feel foolish and young. “If only one thing could have been saved from the fire that is what I would’ve chosen.”

“Yes, you are you.” He looked her over carefully. The young girl had grown into a beautiful woman, and though she was still numb with grief from all that she’d lost she was as steadfast and strong as ever. She’d proved it the night her house had exploded around her. “And being you, you saved what was most important to you: your brother. The book was only a token compared to him. It was the least I could do to honor your bravery.”

“Yes….well…” her eyes darted everywhere but his face. “You make it sound as if I’d done something remarkable, but I didn’t. I never gave the matter any thought. I grabbed Toby and looked for a way to get us out.” She shivered, her only real memories of that night were of desperate fear that this time she’d be unable to save her brother.

“Sarah, I’m worried about you.” He didn’t miss the horror that filled her face when she talked of that night and rested his hand on her neck to reassure himself that she was no longer burned and in pain, as she’d been when he’d first seen her again.

“About me?” she looked at him in surprise and almost groaned. He appeared as delicious as ever, dressed in black breeches and high boots. A soft dark shirt was all but hidden by a black leather jacket that accented his slim waist and broad shoulders. “You needn’t bother…I…ah…I’m fine.” Her mouth went dry as her belly began to quiver from his touch. She remembered being fifteen and feeling like that around him. At the time she’d been too young to recognize desire when she’d felt it.

“Even if I couldn’t see the evidence for myself, my sources tell me otherwise.” In an attempt to keep his hands busy and not give into the urge to stroke her skin until she quivered, he pulled back to tug securely on the cuff of his right glove, straightening a nonexistent wrinkle in the soft leather. “It appears that my good intentions of leaving you alone to find your footing have gone array.”

“Your sources? Are you having me watched?” Or was he the one who watched her through one of his crystals? It gave her pause when she realized that ten minutes earlier she’d been swimming nude and had done so everyday for a week. She would have to be more careful.

“You have friends, Sarah, who are worried about you.” He looked her over carefully from the top of her wet head to the hem of her damp, ankle-length dress. “I’d like to think I’m one of them.”

“Your Highness, that isn’t necessary.” She turned quickly and moved away from him. She knew from past experience how much those mismatched eyes could see in one glance. “I know you’re very busy. I’ll be fine.”

“What exactly do you think ‘that’ is? And why isn’t it ‘necessary’?” He spoke from over her left shoulder so she knew he was very close.

“Your being here, keeping an eye on me.” She forced herself to face him and had to look up a long way. He was slim with fine bones, yet it always surprised her that he was so much taller than she was. “I’m one of your subjects now and you’re just being kind. That is what isn’t necessary.”

“Do you really know me so little?” Jareth’s brow contracted and he shook his head. “I am many things, but kind is not one of them.”

“That night when you healed my burns, you said that the Goblin King I knew all those years ago was created out of my expectations. Since Toby and I have been here this time, you’ve eased the way. You’ve been generous.” She whispered and licked her lips as his words from long ago rang in her ears. “It is because of you that we have a place to stay and that I have a job. Is it all just an illusion again?” She hated to think it. She wanted him to be real.

“Hardly, my dear,” he smiled and gently traced the outline of the flower tucked behind her ear. “If thirteen hours of playing a part was exhausting, surely doing so for weeks would kill even me. I am here because I want to be. Now tell me, what is the cause of the dark circles under your eyes?” The changes went deeper than that, she’d lost weight and the only times he’d seen any of the spirit of the girl who had challenged his Labyrinth were when she was working with the little horse, Magic.

“I’m not sleeping very well.” Sarah shrugged and tried to dismiss it. Her nights were haunted by a strange mixture of fire and falling rocks. It didn’t matter whether the dreams were of exploding homes or breaking magic rooms, they always ended the same, with a dead Goblin King at her feet. Sometimes smoke billowed around them and Toby was clutched tightly in her arms, but more often than not, she was alone.

“Nightmares of the fire?” he asked.

“Some,” she hedged. “My mind freezes and I have to remind myself where I am when I unexpectedly catch the scent of wood smoke.” She shrugged and tried to smile. “It’s a good thing winter is months away. It’ll give me time to…to…adjust.”

“I could erase that night from your conscious mind with a simple spell, but it would cloud your memories of your parents. And even the most powerful magic can be overcome when dreaming, so there are no guarantees that your nightmares wouldn’t return.” He liked to believe that by the time the weather turned cold, Sarah would be sleeping beside him and he would be there to kiss away her fears.

“No, no. I need to work it out myself. I don’t want to forget what happened. I need to learn to accept it.” Tears filled her eyes. She couldn’t talk to him about her fears that Toby would find out that she’d wished him away six years earlier. If she did, she’d have to face that she loved a being who took children from their homes for his own gain and then took pleasure in manipulating and tormenting their siblings. Right now, that was more than she could deal with.

“There’s more. What is it? I can read it in your eyes.” He watched her carefully. A breeze blew through the trees and across the water. Sarah shivered in her damp gown and wet hair.

“Yes,” she whispered. “But it’s too foolish to bother about.” Her lip trembled and she covered her mouth with her hand. “It’s an old nightmare, one I’ve been having for years.”

“Tell me,” he commanded and slipped out of his coat. As much as Jareth appreciated what the cooling air did to the silhouette of her gown he didn’t want her to catch a chill. He wrapped his jacket around her shoulders, and ran his hands through her hair while muttering a drying spell.

“Thank you,” she gasped, as she huddled deeper into the soft supple leather that was still warm from his body. “How did you know?”

“I have my ways.” His eyes twinkled and roamed leisurely over her body. “After all, I am a Goblin King.”

“With astute powers and excellent vision.” Sarah felt her cheeks turn pink when she realized what he had seen.

“Exactly,” Jareth chuckled. “Since you’re listing my qualities, you should add….tenacious. You were going to tell me about that ‘silly’ nightmare of yours.” He stubbornly reminded her.

“There isn’t anything you can do….” Her pride made her want to argue further, but she’d seen his determined expression before. The last time he’d looked at her like that she’d ended up in a thirteen-hour race though his Labyrinth. “All right, you win…”

“I usually do.”

“Not always.” She glared. “No matter how tenacious,” she muttered under her breath.

“Sarah,” he gritted his teeth, tempted to add ‘don’t defy me’, but was too pleased with her sudden show of spirit to push her too hard.

“If you must know…I…I…keep dreaming about what happened as the Escher Room cracked and fell around us, but this time instead of you vanishing, I see you broken beneath tons of rock.” Anger at his imperious attitude had made the words come flying out. She buried her face in her hands, embarrassed at how much she’d let slip.

“Sarah, I’m sorry. I’ve neglected you for far too long.” He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, realizing he’d wasn’t talking about weeks, this time, but years. He should have tried harder to get to her. It had always been possible. He hadn’t known it because he took the spell at face value when there had been clues everywhere. He’d let his pride get in the way and it had almost cost Sarah and Toby their lives. “After what you said the last time we talked, I knew the last six years were difficult for you, but I had no idea how hard it must have been.”

“My God, I thought I’d killed you!” She raged against him in pain as her temper snapped and broke through the lassitude that had been so much a part of the last three weeks. “You were a living, breathing image of all my dreams and I thought I’d killed you.” She looked up at him with her body pressed against his and her fists buried in his shirt.

“Sarah,” he whispered. Her lips were close and he wanted to feel them against his so badly he almost gave in, but he could feel his body beginning to react to her gentle curves molded against the hard planes of his body. He knew if he started, he was not going to let her go easily.

“Jareth,” his name was a sigh on the breeze as her anger vanished and changed to surprise when she became aware of the growing bulge pressing against her stomach.

“As you can tell, you weren’t the only one who had expectations all those years ago. Unfortunately, you were far too young.” He tipped her chin so their eyes met and pressed his hips against her so she could have no doubt what he was talking about. “Even then, I could see the woman you would become.”

“Ohhh,” she moaned and trembled in his arms. All her good intentions to remain aloof flew out the window the second he touched her. She wanted him and knew he could see it on her face and feel it in her body. Did he also know that she loved him? Did he know that if she did have an affair with him, she would crack into a million pieces when he put her aside for another, more suitable female?

“I’m glad we finally have that out in the open.” His heart sang with joy that she responded to him so easily. She loved him, he was certain of it; now all he had to do was convince her of it. “As lovely as this little spot is, and as much as I desire it, this is neither the time nor the place to satisfy our passions.” His voice was husky with need as he stepped away from her.

“You assume that I---” Sarah bristled. Though she knew he was right, it hurt her ego that he had been the one to step back first.

“Sarah, do not defy me,” his tone hissed as he ran his thumb over the curve of her bottom lip.

“You sounded just like you did six years ago!” It startled and worried her. What had happened to the kind, considerate being of moments ago?

“A Goblin King is after all a Goblin King. I could have hardly lived up to, or in that case, down to, your expectations if I hadn’t had some of those characteristics.” He shook his head to clear it as he felt his blood begin to cool.

“How am I to know who you really are?”

“That, my dear, is one of the reasons we are not now locked in an embrace on the ground of this lovely little glade.” He didn’t tell her that this had been one of his favorite seduction spots as a young Fae, or that he’d pleasured females in almost every bower of the countryside and many rooms of his castle. Only one, his bedchamber was free of other liaisons. He had purposely saved it for her, his chosen one. When he took Sarah for the first time it would be in his own bed, the place where kings were conceived!

“You’re giving me time to get to know you?” It didn’t fit with her preconceive notion of him and it pleased her beyond end.

“That…and I think you need to heal. But don’t think the last three weeks are the way things are going to be in the future. If you are to get to know me, we must spend more time together.” It would also serve to put all others on notice that Sarah Williams belonged to him. Once she was seen in his company, no male would approach her without his permission.

“I’d like that,” she smiled, her eyes warm and her body relaxed for the first time in a long time.

“Good,” he nodded. “I have an idea that might help with your nightmares.” He held out his hand to her. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” she looked into his lovely face and realized that she did.

“We’re making progress. The last time I asked you that question you weren’t completely sure. Then take my hand. There is something you must see.” With a grin he pulled a crystal out of the air with his free hand and tossed it high above them.

“Ohhh,” Sarah gasped as the world shifted and spun.

“I won’t let you fall,” Jareth’s voice whispered in her ear as everything turned gray and her head swam. Suddenly there was stone under her feet where moments ago there had been grass. Her vision cleared and she shivered as she realized they were no longer in the glade, but in a high ceilinged corridor.

“What happened?” She blinked as her stomach settled.

“That mode of transportation saves a great deal of time.” He grinned impishly.

“Ah….” She remembered the strange sensation from when she’d been transported home at the end of her thirteen hours. Now, instead of home, she was…she was…“This place looks very familiar.” She ran her hand over the stone wall beside her.

“It should, you’ve been here before.” He led her down the hall until they came to a curving stairwell. “My throne room is below. But our destination is up these stairs.”

“This is the Castle Beyond the Goblin City, your castle.” Sarah examined every nook and cranny. It was exactly as she remembered it. She’d tried for so long to convince herself that it had all been her imagination, now she was here again. “I don’t think this is a good idea.” Her stomach churned and she dug in her heels, certain she knew exactly where he was taking her. “It’s not a good idea at all.”

“Come, come, hesitation from the girl who considered my Labyrinth ‘a piece of cake’?” he challenged and took her hand to urge her upward.

Then suddenly they were there, at the top of the steps, but today the huge wood and metal door to the Escher Room was closed. Sarah could feel her eyes tear up as she grabbed all her courage to face the ruins that lay beyond the portal, the ones she’d caused.

“Oh,” she cried out as Jareth quietly opened the door. Instead of jagged rock and open air she was greeted with the sight of lovely stairways that ran in all directions leading to ledges that continued on to everywhere and nowhere. The room was exactly as she’d first seen it. “Oh, my goodness!”

“Oh my indeed,” he ushered her in. “As you can see, it is no longer in pieces. The summer after your adventure it slowly rebuilt itself.” Not that a rebuilt Escher Room was unusual. Many a young Goblin King had given parties in that room, challenging any and all to solve the puzzle it presented. When the labyrinth in the room was concluded, the magic empowered it to split and reform into a new puzzle. It had broken when Sarah jumped from the balcony to rescue Toby, then again when she denied Jareth; but what was unusual, was that when it finally reformed, it did so in the exact same pattern it had been in before. The King had believed the Escher magic had nullified the game, because Sarah was no longer under his power, therefore an ineligible player. It was one of the many clues he’d misread that could have cost him dearly.

“It’s a beautiful room.” Sarah looked around and was struck with the same sense of vertigo that had made her head spin six years earlier. “When I walked in here the first time, I thought it was another of your puzzles to solve, but when I realized Toby was here, too, it wasn’t fun anymore.” She couldn’t tell him how frightened she’d been in those last few minutes that she’d fought for her brother.

“It was a puzzle, the final one, and yours was a unique solution.” Never before had a being without power or previous knowledge of the physics of the room dared a leap of faith off one of the high ledges. It had astounded him and broken his heart as she went over the edge. “Come,” he urged and tugged on her hand, but couldn’t convince her to step beyond the door.

“Please, no further,” Sarah shook her head and pressed her back against the stone wall unwilling to retrace her steps of years ago.

“You needn’t worry. The room is as enchanted, as it was before its destruction.”

“This room is enchanted?” She concentrated on his face so she wouldn’t see the open spaces all around them.

“Many places in the Underground are. Here, one can move safely in any direction. Do you remember your brother crawling along a stairway that ran upside down? It was the room’s magic which kept him from falling. It would have been no different for you, if you’d chosen to try.”

“You mean he was safe all along? That I was safe and could have followed him instead of having to take the long way around? It was all just one of your illusions.” She shook in fury remembering how frightened she’d been the entire time she’d been in here before.

“Not mine. This room was created by the magic of the Labyrinth eons ago and isn’t under my control.” Jareth stood very straight with his hands held lightly behind his back. “Gravity follows its own rules here, unless the room is broken. Then the power that supports it is needed for its own use. The only time you were in danger was when you jumped off the side. You solved the puzzle, and it needed to break apart to reform again.”

“Then why…” Sarah caught her breath at the implication. “It was you. You kept me from falling.” She’d floated gently to the ground just as she had after she’d smashed through the sides of the Crystal Ballroom. “It was you both times. You’re the reason I didn’t get hurt.”

“Exactly. If you’d had power of your own, it would have been unnecessary for me to intervene.” He nodded and stepped closer to her. “Just as it was my magic that protected you when you were in the forest with the Fireies, on the bridge over the Bog of Eternal Stench, and when you fell into the oubliette. Do you really think the Helping Hands will catch just anyone who comes their way?”

“They caught me when I fell through my mirror during the fire.” Sarah couldn’t stop arguing with him. She’d thought she’d won fairly six years ago now it seemed he had helped her at every turn.

“Of course they did.” He moved closer, until their bodies were almost touching. “It was the one way you could get into the Underground on your own. I wouldn’t have left the door open if the fall would have killed you.”

“Why are you telling me this now?” She gripped the wall behind her, unsure of where this was leading.

Jareth rested his arm on the wall above her head and leaned his body lightly against Sarah’s. “You need to understand what really happened here six years ago.” Desire flared in his gut. He’d wanted this woman for half a lifetime and now she was close enough that he could smell her delicious scent. Fae weren’t known for their patience or for deferring their pleasures. The Goblin King had shown great restraint where Sarah was concerned and standing there in the room where she’d denied him once, his emotions and pride were ragged.

“Are you expecting a re-enactment?” she gulped, feeling powerless. If it was what he wanted, there would be no escape this time, though she wouldn’t give up without a fight. “You said Toby was safe, that you didn’t want him. I won’t…”

“You foolish human, this was never about your brother.” His words crackled through the air until Sarah could feel them. He watched her expression change as she understood their meaning. “And as pleasant as a re-enactment of our little encounter, in this room, would be, you aren’t ready for how it would end.” Jareth had spoken in haste but was glad to have finally said the words.

“You mean…I don’t understand…” Sarah’s voice was husky with desire and she wondered if he could read her thoughts.

“I think you do.” He ran his nose along her cheek and nuzzled her neck.

“That is the second time today you’ve just assumed I am yours for the taking!” She had to fight back no matter how much she enjoyed feeling her body brushing against his. “I don’t appreciate it.”

He chucked softly and pressed into her as he’d longed to do years ago in the tunnels beneath the Labyrinth. “Do not challenge me when you’re in no condition to fight back.” He ran one gloved hand over her pale cheeks and the dark circles under her eyes.

“It…it…wasn’t a…a challenge,” she stammered. “It was a statement of fact.” She was proud of the force behind her words, because surrounded by his scent and his touch all she wanted to do was moan in surrender.

“I didn’t bring you here for seduction, today, but rest assured, when the time comes, Sarah, you will appreciate it.” His lips moved against the corner of her mouth as he spoke. For a moment time stopped, and breathing ceased. There was no past and no future, just one moment of total honesty. Then the clock began to tick again and time moved on.

“Please, no,” Sarah begged, but even as she said the words she gripped his shoulder wanting to pull him closer. “You have an unfair advantage.”

“I always did.” He dug deep, touching the source of his power. It gave him the strength to push back from the wall and give her the space she needed. “You just never realized it before.”

“Oh, God, what am I going to do?” She shook her head trying to clear it, unaware she’d spoken out loud.

“At the moment, nothing,” he smiled gently at her confusion. “The objective, today, was to show you that the Escher Room is intact and has been for almost six years. Take a good look around and remember it the way it really is. Hopefully the truth will follow you into your dreams and the nightmares will vanish.”

“I…” she cleared her throat and took a deep breath, suddenly sure that the truth he was speaking of was much more complicated than a magic room that had the power to rebuild itself. “I think it might help, thank you.”

“Good,” he nodded and challenged her once again. “Then walk with me. Retrace our steps from the past.” He held out his hand and when she took it, his grip was slightly tighter, more possessive than it had been before.

They hadn’t gone three steps when they heard footsteps echoing up the stairs and Galen frantically calling for his King. “Your Highness, Jareth. I need your help finding Sarah. There is a problem at Ellamora’s involving Toby.”

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Without diviation from the norm, progress is impossible...F. Zappa

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea, In a beautiful pea-green boat: They took some honey and plenty of money, Wrapped up in a five-pound note. The Owl looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar...E Lear

Sweet and low, sweet and low, Wind of the western sea, Low, low, breathe and blow, Wind of the western sea! Over the rolling waters go, Come from the dying moon and blow, Blow him again to me;... Tennison

Charmed magic casements, opening on the foam
Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn... Keats

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