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Disclaimer: See chapter 1
Rating: NC-17

Monsters In The Night



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Ch 8 - Comes The Dawn - Part II

She smiled and swallowed the lump in her throat. He had burst into her life and set her emotions aflame. At the moment she would settle for the peace they had found last night. Anything was better than the terrible antagonism that had been between them the last few days. If they were able to part as friends, then there would be only the good memories to keep with her over the years.
Four hours later they were in orbit of a small cloud covered planet that was the third from its yellow sun. If they believed the information that their scanners sent back, it was R class, incompatible with human life, but Imam told a different story.

Twenty-five years ago, he had crashed after getting sucked into an uncharted wormhole while trying to escape Hydra’s pull. He found a sparsely populated paradise where the residents were friendly, but uninterested in the happenings outside their world. They lived life close to the land, using solar, wind or waterpower to sustain them. But they lived well and enjoyed life, while telling legends of a long ago planet, which had suffered a fate they were determined to protect theirs from.

Imam believed they were the decedents of the few people who had escaped from Cassandra in the final days before her destruction. The original settlers had done everything in their power to keep from repeating the mistakes that had destroyed their world. Even the technology that was used to hide them had been converted to solar hundreds of years ago.

It only took them half a day to gather provisions and get what they needed from the local village, which was in a small valley 20 miles from the house that Imam had built in his youth. Carolyn was made to feel welcome, and told that she could join them in the village, anytime she chose. All that was expected of her was to live in peace with the people and to respect the land.

Imam had created a home on a rock cliff overlooking a huge green ocean. Though the buildings were roughened by weather, they were safe, and blended in with the centuries old forest that surrounded them on three sides. Game was plentiful, and among the towering old trees there bushes rich with berries, nuts and strange fruits. All of which Carolyn was assured were edible.

The smaller of the two buildings was a work area. Two walls were covered with stacked cured wood, for the fireplaces. But of most interest to Carolyn was a two man craft that sat in the corner, under a dust cover. All markings had been removed from it, and it was badly in need of repair. Though it was as old as the skiff they had made their escape in, its technology was much more advanced. Richard recognized it for what it was: the craft that was flown by the Spook Squad of an earlier era. Imam had been telling them the truth!

They helped Carolyn pull off the covers of the solar gathering units, so she would have power for the coming night. As she worked her stomach heaved, and she blamed it on the fact that if she closed her eyes, she could see herself back in the Coring room performing the same tasks. She kept repeating to herself, that she was safe; there were no monsters here.

Both men would have liked to have stayed longer and made sure she was well settled, especially when they realized how pale and quiet she had become. But time was a luxury they didn’t have. Even if they snuck back through the wormhole they had used to get there, they were still two weeks from the Khyber Pass, a well-guarded route to New Mecca. Jack’s condition hadn’t gotten any worse, but she wasn’t getting better, either. She needed modern medical help, before too much more time elapsed. No one knew what the long-term effects of cold sleep were on a badly injured person. The longer she was kept in stasis, the more likely she would sustain permanent damage, even death.

“You’ll be safe here.” Richard and Carolyn walked back through the woods to the small clearing where the skiff was parked. Imam had gone ahead to stow the provisions, and keep an eye on Jack. “I’ve destroyed the black box, so it’ll never be found, and lead them back here to you.”

“I’ll be just fine.” She smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. She knew she was going to miss him terribly and it was tearing her apart.

Ten feet from the clearing he stopped. “I can’t stay with you. Don’t you understand that?” He didn’t know who the hell he was, or what he really wanted, though he suspected that she held all the answered.

“I know, Richard.” She looked up at him, and hoped he couldn’t see what she was feeling. She had to bite her lip to keep from saying all she wanted to say to him. The thought of seeing rejection close down his expression, when she told him what she felt, gave her the resolve to stay silent. “I have no claim on you.”

“It’s not that and you know it.” He ran his hand against her cheek, needing to feel her skin against his. “It’s that you wouldn’t be safe with me. I’m nothin but trouble. I can change my name, but I’m still Richard B. Riddick.

“I know exactly who you are.” She wished he’d pull his goggles off so she could see his eyes once before he left. It was dark enough in the shadow of the forest; it wouldn’t be painful for him. “And he isn’t the same man who crashed on that planet, just like I’m not the same woman.”

“Listen to me.” He grabbed her shoulders, wanting to shake some sense into her, but ended up pulling her close enough so he could feel her breath on his neck. “You’d end up dead, by some merc that came hunting me, or someone out for revenge, cause I can’t stay on this backwater planet.”

“Richard, it’s okay,” she caressed his cheek and smiled. “I wouldn’t be afraid.”

“Well I would be!” He couldn’t believe he’d admitted it. It felt as if those words had stripped his emotions naked, and he was standing in front of the universe with his ass hanging out. But once started, he had to finish it. “God Carolyn, I’d die for you.”

“Show me your eyes, Richard.” She whispered as she lifted his goggles onto his forehead. All she saw was her own reflections in their shiny gray depths.

“Ya find what you was looking for?” He had trouble forming the words. Her scent was making him hard as he watched her face inches from his. If he didn’t pull away soon, he knew he never would.

“UmmHmm,” she nodded her head and stood on her tiptoes. “I know you’d die for me, I know you would.” She kissed his hard mouth, as tears rolled down her cheeks. I just wish you’d try for me! As the words echoed through her mind she turned quickly and fought to get back her control. “I love you Richard.” She whispered into the wind as she ran away from him.

Had she said it, had she really said it? No one had ever told Riddick that they loved him. It took his breath away and made him dizzy. He stumbled the last 20 yards to the skiff and pulled himself aboard.

“What’s wrong?” Imam watched as he slouched in the pilot’s seat.

“Nothin! Let’s get the fuck outta here!” His mood had turned foul, and he didn’t want to get into it with the Holyman.

“If you leave her, you’ll be sorry for the rest of your life.”

“Don’t stick your nose in where it ain’t wanted! I gotta do this. It would be wrong in so many ways if I stayed.” Riddick began the pre-flight check.

“Wait,” Imam put his hand on the much larger one of his companion. “A 20th Century Earth philosopher by the name of Rumi once said, ‘out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field; I’ll meet you there.’ Wouldn’t you be willing to settle for a forest on the edge of a large ocean?”


Carolyn had almost made it back to the cabin when the ground shook and the deafening sound of the skiff taking off thundered overhead. It stopped her in her tracks and made her slide to the ground. ‘He did it. He really left me.’ Tears ran down her face as she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Carolyn?” She snapped her head around at the sound of a deep gravelly voice that jump-started her heart. “Oh Babe!” He knelt beside her, his hands holding her damp face. In an attempt to keep her from being hurt, he had caused her pain her in ways he didn’t understand. With the exceptions of hate and anger, emotions were almost foreign territory.

“You didn’t leave me.” She whispered in amazement, as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck and face. “I meant what I said, I do love you.”

“Shhh Babe,” he pulled her to him and enjoyed the feel of her body against his. He wanted badly to say that he loved her too, but it was a word he’d never used. “If I’d left you, it would have cut out a piece of me that I didn’t know existed.”

“I want to hold you, touch you….” She was lost in the joy of being able to touch him freely, again.

He made short work of her shirt, and his hand moved over her silky skin, until he cupped her right breast. As long strong fingers began slowly stroking the hard nub that pushed against them, Carolyn’s moans of pleasure turned to a gasp of pain. He pulled back in surprise and held her by the shoulders to get a good look at her body. Fear licked at his stomach at what he saw.

“Richard, it’s nothing.” She tried to break his grip on her so she could push against his chest to hide the dark bruises that had been caused when he’d bitten her right nipple in an attempt to frighten her away after making love.

“Looks like something to me!” He knew that since he could detect the difference in her skin tone with his shined vision, he’d hurt her. “Damnit, I shouldn’t have listened to Imam. You’re not safe with me.”

“And you think you’re safe with me,” she roared and threw her body against his. “I want you, all of you, any way I can get you.”

Riddick was taken by surprise at her sudden strength and landed on his back with her straddling his hips. “I remember bein’ in this position once before,” he rasped, as she pinned his arms above his head. “But the view wasn’t nearly as interestin’.” Sticking his tongue out, he slowly dragged it over her injury and felt her tremble above him.

“Richard,” she moaned arching her back pressing closer to his face, but pulled back when he tried to suck the nipple that grazed his lips. “No, not yet,” she whispered as she rocked her hips, into him, feeling him swell beneath her.

“You’re playin’ with fire, Babe.” He warned as she continued to brush against his face, but always kept her tantalizing flesh out of his reach. They both knew he could sweep her beneath him anytime he chose, so he was unsure what she was trying to prove.

“So are you.” Her hands circled his large wrists as she pressed them into the ground. Every inch of her body was on fire for him, but she had to make him see that no matter what she did to him, he would keep her safe. Carefully she shifted her body and brought her right leg up onto his thigh. With a silky moan she gently rubbed her knee along his groin at the same time she arched her back, to tease his cheeks, nose, and forehead with the hard nubs of her breasts. Everytime he moved his head to capture a rosy tip in his mouth, she pull out of reach, egging him on with deep thrusts of her pelvis.

“Carolyn,” he gasped as he began to shake.

A slow smile crossed her face and she captured his mouth with hers, while keeping up the gentle pressure on the swelling in his pants.

“Ooohhh,” Riddick lost control. His need to have her outweighed everything else. His muscles flexed and his body stretched, breaking the hold she had on his wrists. As easily as he’d done on a rainy night on a planet filled with monsters, he reversed their positions. Suddenly Carolyn Fry was spread-eagled beneath him, with her wrists held tightly in meaty hands and his body pinning hers to the ground. But this time instead of holding a shiv to her neck, he was nibbling his way along the curve of her jaw.

“See, you didn’t hurt me, even when you lost control,” Carolyn whispered her voice heavy with passion. “Make love to me…” The words had barely left her mouth when strong lips captured hers.

He growled as he felt her hands dance against his sides, pulling at his shirt. Sitting quickly he yanked it over his head, and stripped away the rest of his clothes until he was sitting in the moonlight with her between his thigh. “You like what you see?” he murmured.

“Very much,” her hand ran over his stomach, moving lower needing to touch him.

“Then strip,” the order tore through the air in his deep gravelly voice, as his hand grabbed her wrist to press her palm against his heat. “And do it slowly.”

His words took her by surprise, and made her dizzy with passion. This was her Richard, the man who was completely sure of himself and in total control.

Carolyn stood and moved to stand in front of him. Her hands shook as she reached for the fastener on her slacks. The night was so quiet they both heard the metal on metal sound of her zipper going down.

“Come here,” he beckoned. “Closer,” he ordered, until she stood between his naked thighs again. Richard reached and unfastened her boots. “Lean on me and hold real still.” When he felt one trembling hand on each shoulder, he looked up and grinned. “Now that’s more like it,” he ground out as he took her left breast into his mouth and began to suck.

“Ohhh,” she moaned in pleasure and tried to push closer to him.

“I told you to hold still.”

“Richard, please,” her deep ragged breaths filled the air as she tried to obey.

“You taste so sweet, Babe.” He sucked and licked her nipple while his other hand slid between her legs, careful to stay on the outside of her pants. “And ya feel it too.”

“I want you inside of me!” Carolyn cried out.

He looked up at her, his eyes reflecting the passion he saw etched on her face. “In that case, you got too many clothes on, Babe.” He reached for her right foot, and began pulling at her boot. She got the message and lifted her foot.

“Now the socks.” His fingers ran over the soft skin of her ankle and instep as her socks joined the mounting pile of clothes in the clearing.

“Ya ain’t through yet.” He reached for her wrists and held them prisoner.

“I want you,” she whispered. With a sparkle in her eye she ran her toe lightly over the naked velvet steel between his legs and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure.

He quickly wrapped one arm around her shoulders to keep her from moving and covered her foot with a large hand as he ground against her instep until she whimpered in need.

“You want this?” He pressed her tighter against his ridgedness. “Then take the pants off…slowly, and stand back a bit so I can see all of you when you do.”

She took a deep breath as pure need seared through her belly. She needed him badly. Moving back as he’d instructed she raised her head and looked him in the eyes. The passion she saw there thrilled her as she realized he was getting as much pleasure out of their game as she was.

Her hands moved slowly to her hips, sliding her pants over them, and she moved them downward an inch at a time, until they fell in a pool at her feet.

They both sighed at the sight of her wearing nothing but a scrap of red lace, standing in a clearing with moonlight reflecting off her pale skin.

“You’re not quite finished,” the words caught in his throat.

Carolyn bit her lip to keep from moaning. Until Richard she’d never come close to trusting a partner enough to give him this much control. She’d never experienced foreplay or love-making like they were doing now. She knew deep in her gut that the only other time she’d ever really made love had been with him in the shuttle and there’d been very little time to play. But in the short while they’d had, he’d made her feel wanton and innocent at the same time and he was doing it again. With fingers that shook she hooked them into the red lace and felt the material slither down her legs.

“Come here, closer,” he ordered. The first time he’d said that to her they’d been on a dead ship on a dead planet, and his arms had been chained so he couldn’t touch her. Now she was his for the taking. Reaching up he pulled her down beside him. “You’re so beautiful,” he murmured as his lips traveled over her forehead and down her neck. He’d wrapped one arm around her and with his other hand he moved along her hip to her stomach and further down to her damp core. Despite the game they’d played, he needed to be sure she was ready for him. She was so damn tiny and tight he didn’t want to risk hurting her.

“Richard,” she cried out his name as her hips bucked against his hand.

“Easy Babe, we’ve got a lifetime for this.” He gently filled her with one finger and to his surprise felt her muscles begin to tighten until they were contracting and she gasped his name in pleasure over and over again.

“It’s not enough time!” Carolyn cried out when she caught her breath. Her body still yearned for his, needed him, needed him deep inside of her, forever. “There will never be enough time for us.”

As he laid her gently beneath him and slid carefully into her, he realized she was right. No matter how much time they had together, it would be too short. He held her tightly to him, and was shaken to the core. Maybe he understood more about love than he thought he did?


Jack and Imam Through The Years

That’s how it happened, in a matter of days my life was changed. I went from Jack the run away kid to Jackie a child who was loved and cared for. It took Imam two weeks to get us to New Mecca, and I was in the hospital recovering from my injuries another month after that.

Imam told me the same story he told the authorities, that Carolyn and Richard had died in the last run through the night. He felt it was safer, the less I knew, until things calmed down. They left me pretty much alone since I was so sick, and as they put it, ‘just a kid.’ After all what would a delicate young girl like me know about a crazed murderer like Riddick? And since I was having terrible nightmares about the monsters, my doctors kept the suits the Company sent, away from me as much as they could.

In less than a year, we heard that the H-G was found. The news bands were full of the story. It was made all the juicer when it was discovered that the team that was sent to attempt salvage disappeared with out a trace. But I knew the truth and so did Imam, somehow they must have awakened the monsters, even though there was no mention of an eclipse. The Company took a stunning loss, and gave the planet a D3 designation. It meant no worthwhile resources, and extremely hostile aliens. It was understood that no Company ship would dock there, under penalty of heavy fines.

Richard had been right about the Company, though. Even with the heavy loss of life, they covered all their bases. Less than a month later we discovered that our boarding house, The Sanctuary, was being watched. When we realized that not all of our boarders were what they pretended to be, Imam finally told me the truth about what had happened the year before. As long as we were being watched, we resigned ourselves to never seeing Richard and Carolyn again.

Life continued as always, despite the presences of Company spies. I kept going to classes and helping Imam run the inn. He kept teaching at the school for off-worlders, and making a home for us, as well as those who were visiting Mecca City.

It was during the second year of the watchers that we received the first of the letters. After that they came almost every month, always by the pilot of one cargo ship or another. The first one told us that ‘Zeke and Shazza’ were doing fine, but had decided to head out to see what was beyond the next star system. They sent their love and said they would write. They must’ve gotten the old runabout working. It made my heart glad to think that they weren’t planet bound any longer.

We looked forward to each new letter, sometimes from strange places with names we’d never heard of; sometimes from places that were on the frontier and just opening up to settlers. One thing the letters all had in common, Carolyn and Richard were together and they were happy. The last letter we got, about a month ago, it said they were going to be heading home for a while, because at the time the letter was written, they had an arrival due any day. I liked to think of them out there among the stars. Richard, Carolyn and their new arrival.

Imam taught me that I could be loved, but they taught me that love between a man and a woman was a wonderful thing. I don’t know what each of them gave up to be with the other, and Imam doesn’t speak much about what went on in the skiff after I was hurt, but whatever it was, it was nothing compared to what they would have given up if they hadn’t stayed together. I had watched them while trapped on the planet when we crashed. They fought the alien monsters so Imam and I could live and they fought Johns who would have torn them apart for his own pleasure. But I think the biggest battles they had to fight were within themselves. I know they won, or they wouldn’t be together.


Read a short version of Monsters from Jack's point of view - Through The Eyes Of A Kid



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