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Disclaimer: See chapter 1
Rating: R

Monsters In The Night



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Ch 7 - Midnight Courage Of The Heart

As he led the way back through the settlement, Riddick was amazed at how much more treacherous the footing had become since he had covered the same ground less than an hour earlier. The rain and mud was turning the sandy soil into a quagmire and he doubted he would have been able to drag the heavy power cells through it.

His shined eyes picked out aliens hidden in the dark all around them. The remembered scent of human blood, and taste of flesh had brought them back to the settlement in flocks. Their presence made the going rougher and the trail more difficult. With each step that brought them closer to the canyon, Richard wished that Carolyn had listened to reason and stayed in the skiff. He could hear her gasping for breath in the light oxygen atmosphere, but couldn’t slow his steps to make it easier for her. Against his better judgment he reached behind him and gripped her hand tightly in his. The feel of her skin against his added determination to his steps: those things out there would not get her!

They crested a hill, leaving buildings behind them, and slid most of the way down. Three feet from the more solid canyon floor, Carolyn lost her balance and crashed into his back. Instinctively he reached for her, and pulled her close. Since he was unable to prevent their fall, he held her so he took the impact when they landed in the mud, then protectively rolled her beneath him covering her body with his, as they skidded to a stop under a nitch at the mouth of the canyon. Their fall sent the glow bottle rolling out of reach, and left them in the dark with a river of mud running against them.

“Do not move.” Richard whispered in her ear, as he looked up and saw two aliens less than ten feet away. He felt her muscles tense beneath him when his breath tickled her neck. Ignoring the seductive grip of her fingers as they dug into his chest, he slowly reached for his shiv. To his astonishment, the aliens hummed their song of death, but moved away from the two humans pressed against each other.

“What happened?” Carolyn looked over his shoulder, unable to see anything.

“I’ll be damned, they didn’t know we were here!” He slid them out from under the rocks and reached for the whisky bottle light as he pulled his goggles over his eyes. His harsh laughter rang out when he ran his hand in the ‘mud’ around them and got a better look at the woman beneath him.

“Well shit, Carolyn!” He gasped, trying to get his laughter under control.

“What is the matter with you?” She wondered if he was finally cracking under the stress.

“As I said, Babe, shit.” He ran his hand across her cheek and it came away covered in the same blue glop that had rained down on them when a huge flock of monsters had flown over them in the canyon.

“That’s disgusting!” She winced when she saw what they had landed in, and that the nitch that had protected them was acting as a catch basin for the run-off from the canyon.

“Not disgusting, camouflage.” He smeared a line of blue down each of her cheeks as he grinned at her. “Now you look like a merc when he’s trying to be inconspicuous.”

“Thanks a lot! You don’t have to be insulting.” She grunted and sniffed at the goo. It smelled oddly familiar and brought back memories she would rather have forgotten. For a dizzying moment she was back looking for Zeke’s body. All the terror of her search in the caverns hit her, and she couldn’t shake it free.

“Oh God, Richard,” she trembled and reached for the solid strength of the man beside her. When had the need for him become so great?

“Easy Babe,” his voice rumbled in her ear. They knelt together in the rain, surrounded by death, but he took the time necessary to sooth her. It rocked him to his core that she needed him, and even more that she would let it show after what he had tried to do to her. A man like him didn’t deserve second chances.

“I’m okay now.” Her voice caught, as she tried to extract herself from his hold and rebuild her image as tough.

“But maybe I’m not.” He gave up the fight and pulled her so close he could feel her heart beating against his chest. One hand was tangled in her hair as he guided her lips to his. Just this one last time he promised himself as he kissed her thoroughly, and wished for the first time in his life, that he were different.

The loud clicking and popping of the monsters brought them crashing to the present. As Carolyn pulled back, she quickly crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to hide the evidence of her arousal. Even surrounded by danger he excited her. She was ashamed by her weakness, and overwhelmed by her need for him. Her mind frantically tried to remember what she had been about to say before he kissed her and wiped it clean. “You uh think… they uh… can’t detect us because of this stuff?”

“Somehow it must mask out scent.” He grinned and reached for the neckline of her shirt to pull it away from her skin. He felt strangely proud that he could excite her, as easily as she could him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” She slapped at his hand, embarrassed that she hadn’t acted quickly enough, and he had noticed.

“That’s the feisty Carolyn I know,” he grinned, and then turned serious. “Can’t have you greeting Imam that way.” His voice rang with a tone he didn’t recognize, as he pointed toward her hidden breasts and nipples that pushed hard against the material that covered them. In the past it had never bothered him when his woman showed off her assets. He wasn’t the possessive type and had even been known to enjoy the occasional threesome. But Carolyn was different. No other man, not even a Holy one, could see her like this! His mind came to a screeching halt. ‘But she’s not yours, and never can be!’ A little voice shouted in his head.

“It’s from the cold!” She pulled her arms tighter around her to hide the truth. His slightest touch caused an ache deep inside of her.

“Yeah, right!” He challenged. She could try to hide it all she wanted, but when he had kissed her, their wet clothes had been an almost non-existent barrier. He had felt the instant response from her. If the monster hadn’t screamed out, he would have slide his hand under her top and warmed the sensitive flesh that had beaded against his chest, until she cried out in release.

“Well, what about you? That’s not a damn reaction to the cold!” She had felt him harden as they pressed together and it had taken all of her will power to pull away, when she longed to have him cover her body with his and slide deep inside her.

His laughter rang out at her accusation. “Hell, I’ve had a hard-on for you since I caught your scent, as far back as the crash. That fucker Johns had me chained, with a bit between my teeth, but I wanted you.” His voice had become dark and smoky as it caressed her skin.

“Richard,” she whispered and reached blindly for him.

“Carolyn?” His eyebrows twitched and he put steel into his voice, as he searched for just the right words. Things were getting out of his control again, and he had to get them back. “You think just one fuck party’s goin’ to take care of a need like that?” He watched his carefully chosen words hit their mark, as she blinked and fought to get her balance back. That’s it Babe, pull away from me. It’s the only thing that’s going to keep you safe.

Cold anger replaced the hot desire of moments ago. “Back to this theory of yours on the alien shit,” she ground out between clenched jaws.

“There’s something about human blood that says ‘dinner’ to these things, that’s why they’ve been following us.” He continued as if he had never been interrupted, but it took all his effort to keep from pulling her back into his arms and whispering words he could only guess at the meaning. “We’ve both got cuts and scrapes all over us, if they’d been able to smell it, they’d have attacked, by now. This blue shit, must be masking it, some way.”

“Jack’s arm is bleeding pretty badly, will it be enough to protect her?” Carolyn squinted in the dark to see how much of the stuff had flowed against the canyon wall and gotten caught in the U-shape of the rock. She felt empty inside. He kept leading her on, then pushing her away, and each time it became more and more painful. If all he wanted was sex, she wished he’d say so, and give her the right to choose for herself. For the moment, she couldn’t think about any of it. She’d take any strength he offered, in any form. Later she would face the truth, and pay the price, later when she wasn’t so exhausted.

“I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot.” He looked grim, as he tore off a section of his shirt and scooped a handful of the blue glop into it.

Carolyn reached over and covered her fingers in the Blue, then sniffed it carefully, mentally prepared for her reaction, this time. “I’ve smelled this before, and not just when I was looking for Zeke’s body. It was in the Coring Room, and the canyon. In fact this whole planet smells like this when the wind isn’t blowing.” She wrinkled her nose at the thought of millions of years of monster excrement that had piled up to give the sand and soil its odd smell and consistency.

“Yeah, the place is a real shithole! But those things out there can’t tell the difference, and that’s all that matters.”

He took a handful of the stuff and smeared it on Carolyn’s face and neck, while she did the same for him. It was a good excuse to touch her and he knew it, but for the moment, surrounded by death, he refused to acknowledge it. When they got safely back to the skiff, would be time enough to start his self-imposed sentence. All he had to do until then was keep her at a bit of a distance and he’d be all right.

The trip back to the cave was easier than they had expected. When they skirted the monsters, the aliens would sniff the air in confusion at the mixed scents. Their wings would move restlessly as they wondered what had passed them by, but they didn’t bother to investigate.

Riddick rolled aside the heavy rock blocking the cave and was met by Jack’s pale face and Imam’s smile. “Now that is my God, Mr. Riddick!” Relief was written all over the old man’s face.

“How you holding up, Jack?” Fry slid past Riddick and knelt beside the young girl.

“I’m okay, but I still don’t think I’ll be able to make it past the monsters out there.” She held out her arm with the bloody bandage. “You guys go without me.”

“We ain’t leaving nobody behind!” Riddick crouched and began removing the dressing from her arm. “Besides, I think we have a little secret weapon here.”

Imam used Riddick’s shiv to slice away a clean section of his robe and wrapped Jack’s arm securely to prevent any further bleeding. Carolyn helped smear the young girl with most of the Blue they had brought back.

“Yuck!” Jack glared at Fry. “You’ve covered me with monster shit!”

“With any luck, that’ll cover any blood smell.” Riddick grinned. “But to make real sure, we’ll leave a present where it’ll attract the most attention.” He picked up the dirty bandage and put it carefully to the side.

“I’m not so sure I wouldn’t rather be eaten.” The girl rolled her eyes as she smeared some of the goo on the hand of her wounded arm.

“No wise ass remarks from you, kid.” Riddick grinned at her as he covered himself in more Blue. “We’re all in this shit together.”

“You made a joke!” Jack laughed, not believing what she heard. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all.

“Me? I never joke,” he deadpanned. Then he turned serious as he looked at the faces of the others. This was their last chance and they all knew it. “You guys follow me out and wait to the left of the cave, I’ll just be a second.” He grabbed the bloodstained bandage and dashed out of the cave and to the right.

The rain still pounded as he ran ten feet back down the canyon and left the bait for the monsters, before darting back to the others.

“Everybody ready?” The four of them crouched against the rock wall of the canyon. They could hear the feeding frenzy that was going on behind them and hoped it would buy them some time.

Carolyn brushed against Richard and lay an encouraging hand on his leg. He looked back at her for a moment and wrapped his large hand around her thigh. They knew that either, or both of them might not make it to the skiff, but that moment of touch was all they had time for. He held his hand out to her and she placed hers in his, their fingers intertwined. As much as he wanted to just hold on to her, he knew it wasn’t safe. With each raindrop that fell, their camouflage was being diluted and washed away.

“Keep Jack in the middle, I’ll lead the way and everybody hold on tight!” Richard surged to his feet, as hands were gripped on down the line and they took off at a run.

Riddick heard his heart pounding with each step down the canyon. It was working; they were getting past the monsters! He kept the pace as fast as he dared. Jack was weak from blood loss, Imam was tiring badly, and he didn’t even what to think what his killing pace was doing to Carolyn, who was already exhausted.

They were almost to the hill before the settlement when Jack lost her footing and went down hard. Though she tried to break her fall with her good arm, she tore open the gash that was held tightly together with the pressure dressing. Pain shot through her and she began to bleed again.

“Riddick!” She screamed for help as an alien tentacle shot past her, cutting her right leg at the thigh, but not getting a hold of it.

He pulled her to her feet and shoved her toward Imam and Fry. “Go, run! Over the hill get the kid outta here! She’s bleeding like stink!”

As he pulled his shiv to act as rearguard, he felt Carolyn beside him. “What the fuck are you doing here! I said GO!”

“You can’t do this alone.” She was determined to get them all back to the skiff.

“God damnit, get the fuck outta here!” He saw a monster circling to their right. “I’ve been takin’ care of myself for a long time before you came along. Now get the hell outta here!”

“No!” She tried to argue with him, as she waved the light bottle back and forth in an attempt to drive away anything that might be near them.

“Shut up and run!” His fear for her made him grab her arm and roughly shove her up the incline. “And don’t look back!”

“Richard, please,” she gasped his name as she slide over the top of the hill and down the other side.

“I’m right behind ya! Keep going!” He stood his ground, and watched the alien move in for the kill; with two quick strokes of his shiv its steaming entrails lay at his feet!

“Yeah! You chose the wrong human to fuck with!” He turned and took the hill in giant strides.
Imam carried Jack the last few feet to the skiff. She was unconscious from blood loss by the time he and Carolyn lay her on one of the benches.

“You do what you can to stop the bleeding.” Fry ordered as she tossed the med-kit and a blanket at him, then turned to wait at the bottom of the ramp for Riddick.

Her eyes darted back and forth between the darkness of the surrounding area and the light of the open skiff. She had done this all before, waited in the rain for Richard. Then he had stood in the door, and challenged her to leave the others behind. It made her sick to her stomach to think how close she had come to giving in to his seductive words. But he had been the one who gave in. He rose to her challenge and they had gone back, together. Wrapping her arms around herself to keep her fears at bay, she stared out into the night and whispered his name over and over again.

A human scream in the distance made her jump. “No!” She gasped, then shouted up the ramp, “Imam, I’ve gotta help him. We can’t leave him there to die!” Her eyes were huge as she looked back at the skiff.

“Go my dear, we shall be here when you return.” His voice was full of encouragement and hope, but she didn’t hear it, her mind was focused on controlling her fear.

Carolyn ran out into the night, her glow bottle held high over her head as she called his name. It had been frightening to run through the rain with him in the lead, but to do it without him was unbearable. She had to find him.

“Richard!” Her heart pounded as she rounded the corner of a building and saw no one, and nothing moving. “God damn you Richard, where are you?”

“Carolyn,” her name came to her on the wind, out of the rainy night. “Go back, it’s too late.”

A few steps further and she saw him, crumpled on the ground among barrels and crates at the side of a building. His shiv was locked in a bloody hand as he tried to pull himself to his feet.

“Richard, thank God!” She knelt to help him up, but he collapsed in the mud. “No, damnit, no!” She wrapped both arms around his right arm at the shoulder and pulled as hard as she could. “Ya gotta help me Richard, I can’t do it by myself, you’re too heavy. We’ve gotta do this together!”

“Leave me!” He looked up at her, and tried to hide all he was feeling. God he wanted her! Not just her body, but her, all of her. She had risked her life and come back for him, even when he had been pushing her away. What had he done to deserve her? “Get the hell outta here! One of us has gotta fly that skiff, or they’re dead! Get the fuck outta here!”

“No! I won’t leave you!” What he had said made sense, but she couldn’t make herself leave, so she tried a different tactic. “Come on you coward, get to your feet! I said I wasn’t leaving anyone on this rock; don’t make a lier outta me. After all you’re Richard ‘fuckin bad-ass’ Riddick, are you gonna let these candy-assed monsters beat you?”

“Fuck you!” He knew what she was trying to do, and welcomed the surge of adrenalin that pumped new energy into his body.

“Not if you’re monster food, you won’t.” She shot back.

“You can be a real pisser when you want to be, Carolyn.” He gripped her around the shoulders and tried to get his feet under him. His leg was bleeding badly and he didn’t think it would hold him, but he had to try. He made it almost to his feet, when his leg buckled and they tumbled to the mud.

“I can’t, Babe. You gotta go before they find us. There’s blood all over me, and what little of the blue shit that’s left, won’t fool them much longer.” He pulled her to him for a quick kiss, and then shoved her away. Since he was going to die, he wanted it to be with the taste of her lips on his.

“NO!” She screamed as she grabbed the front of his shirt. “No Richard, please no. I said I’d die for them, but not you, never you. You were supposed to live! I won’t leave you.”

“No damnit, you will not die for me!” He let her pull him part way up. They knelt together as they had done once before. Bodies pressed tightly together, but this time the pouring rain was mixed with his blood. “Just get outta here, Babe. I’ll follow if I can.”

“You can’t do it alone, damnit! Let me help you, we can do it together, I know we can.” She was crying openly and didn’t care.

“Together,” he whispered as he fought to get his legs under him, leaning as much of his weight on her as she could take. It was evident she wouldn’t leave him, so unless he wanted her to die, he had to get them out of there.

“Yeah, together,” she gently touched his face as he tentatively put weight on his injured leg. “Not me for you, or..” the words stopped as she felt something sharp hit her shoulder.

“No!” Riddick shouted as he detected movement behind Carolyn. A monster was close enough to strike. He wrapped her securely in his arms. She would not be pulled away from him, not while he could still breath. “Not for me!” He cried out as he held her tightly to him, and turned them away from the on-coming attack.

The slashing claw cut them both on the shoulder, but Riddick had been successful in keeping her out of its reach. In an instant he threw her to the ground, and the hunter became the hunted. Instead of an easy kill, the creature faced a big man with a blue stained shiv in his hand, and rage that gave his body new strength.

Richard faced off with the biggest alien he had seen all night. “Come and get me you fuckin’ monster!” He shouted as he swung his shiv again and again, but still didn’t bring the creature down. “I will not die running, and you will not get this woman!” Each time he cut at the alien it pulled back and changed position, before charging again.

Riddick wanted to yell to Carolyn to run, but fighting the thing was taking all his concentration. He knew if he took the time to call to her, he would lose. Then she was beside him, armed with a glow bottle, waving it at the huge alien. The small amount of light she provided gave him some breathing room, but it wasn’t enough, they were going to die.

Suddenly the night was filled with a blinding light that caused the monster to howl as his skin was charred, sending it limping off to the safety of darkness. Riddick cried out in pain as the brightness blinded him and he backed away until he stumbled into Carolyn. The light was accompanied by the whir of an engine and the clank and bang of landing gear touching down.

“Thank God,” she whispered as she pulled Richard’s face against her neck to protect him from the brightness. “It’s the skiff! Imam must have figured out how to move the skiff!” She laughed and cried in relief, as they stood and held each other tightly, bathed in the bright lights.

“Together,” she heard him whisper as he pulled his goggles over his eyes. Neither wanted to look to closely at what that meant. Though both knew that Imam had probably made the difference between them living or dying together.

The doors of the skiff banged shut as Carolyn fell into the pilot’s seat. She was wet and covered with blood, both hers and Richards, but she didn’t care, they were finally getting off this damn planet.

“How’s Jack?” She looked over her shoulder at Imam who had strapped the girl to the bench.

“Not good, I’m afraid.” He looked grim as he settled beside the unconscious teen. “She is in God’s hands now.”

“I’ll see if we can give God a little help, as soon as we get off this hellhole!” Carolyn shivered as she reached for the controls. They had a long way to go yet. A successful liftoff was only one of their worries.

“We can’t leave without saying a proper good-bye.” Richard grinned at her from the co-pilot’s seat as he powered down the craft.

“Don’t want to be impolite, it wouldn’t be good for interplanetary relations,” she nodded and counted to twenty. If she closed her eyes she imagined she could hear the sounds of the creatures as they surrounded the shuttle.

“But we wouldn’t want to out-stay our welcome.” Richard nodded to Carolyn to be the one to fire up the engines.

“No we wouldn’t!” She hit the lights and punched the power in one quick movement. As they were thrown back in their seats, she wished she could hear the dying screams of the hundreds of aliens that had flocked around the skiff, following the trail of blood they had left behind.
Looking back from space, on the striking beauty of the three suns being eclipsed by the large ringed planet, it was hard to believe that the horror they had escaped was real. Carolyn took the skiff into a rolling turn and under the asteroide belt that had been brought into the system’s gravity by the passing comet. Once they were in open space she went to auxiliary power to give them time to figure out what to do next.

“Any idea’s where we are?” She looked at the stars trying to find something that looked familiar. “You keep an eye out for visitors, I think I’ve parked us close enough to that asteroid belt so we’ll be almost undetectable.” She nodded to Richard and climbed into the back.

“I gather there is a problem?” Imam moved forward and took the seat that Fry had vacated.

As she carefully checked Jack over, she could hear Richard telling Imam about the black box, the raiders, and Owens’s treachery.

“You are right to worry, my friend.” Imam nodded his head toward Carolyn. “There may be something I can do to help.” The Holyman looked at the stars. “But our options may be dictated by the child’s health.”

“What is it you could do to help?” Riddick was skeptical, but like the other man agreed that Jack came first.

“You forget Mr. Riddick I wasn’t always a Holy man. Just like I don’t think Captain Fry was always a pilot.” He nodded at Carolyn’s almost professional suturing of Jack’s wounds. “Where did you get your medical expertise?”

“When I was a kid, I lived on a merchant vessel with my uncle.” She shrugged as she worked. It had been a long time since she had been called on to do anything like this, and was glad the skill had come back so easily. “The first couple of years I helped earn my keep by assisting the medic. He taught me a lot.” She grinned as she remembered the old man who had helped make her feel useful in those first few months after her parents had died.

“It looks as if you learned well.”

“I can get by.” She turned toward the two men who were looking at her as if she had the answers. “Hell, this is just a step above basic first aide, for crying out loud! All I did was close some deep gashes. That doesn’t mean she’s going to live!” She leaned back against the opposite bench with her face in her hands. She could feel the death grip from that damn planet and wanted to scream at it to let the child go, but she didn’t allow herself the luxury.

Riddick nodded to Imam to be sure he was comfortable with the controls, then he moved to sit beside the woman who had come to mean so much to him. “Carolyn, this wasn’t your doing.”

“I know, but there has to something more we can do for her.” She leaned against his shoulder.

“What about the cryo-sleep lockers?” He nodded toward the two cramped tubes one on each side of the skiff. “Are they operational?”

“Yes! And it just might buy us some time.”

All three adults moved quickly to recheck the sleep lockers, and get Jack safely into one. A quick check of environmentals showed that the slight increase in power usage would be more than offset by the saving in oxygen and water.

“That should do it,” Carolyn nodded as she adjusted the settings on the locker. “We need to keep a careful watch on her vital signs, but I’ve heard stories of injured people living for months like this, though I think we should head straight for the next inhabited planet with a humanoid hospital.”

“May I suggest you two clean each other up, while I check out the star charts,” Imam returned to the pilot’s seat. “If I can get the Hunter-Gratznia’s charts from the black box, and superimpose them on the older ones on the skiff’s computer, I may be able to come up with some answers.”

“We can’t mix the information, or it’ll leave a trail right back to Carolyn!” Riddick glared at the old man. Not willing to do anything that might bring her harm.

“Do not worry, Mr. Riddick, I am adept at handling problems such as this.” He carefully opened the box and pulled out an information disk. “There will be no evidence left behind that the two computers have exchanged information. The trick is to remove only the needed data, while leaving behind the tracking program.”

Riddick was getting a bad feeling. Anyone who had Imam’s skills with Company equipment had to be high up in the organization. The ex-spook had never heard of anyone that high up being allowed to live on the outside. It had been his job, on more than one occasion, to be sure anyone who left was kept very very silent.

“Trust me, Mr. Riddick.” He nodded toward Carolyn. “I will let no harm come to anyone because of my knowledge.”
“Richard, take off your pants.” Carolyn knelt beside him between the benches on the floor of the skiff.

“What is it about this exact place that makes you always want my clothes off?” He grinned at her as he removed his boot and carefully pulled his injured leg free of clothing.

“Pleaaasssee,” she rolled her eyes at him, then suddenly turned serious. “This is going to hurt. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing in the med-kid for pain.”

“Something else we can thank our friend Johns for.” He grunted, then took her hand and gave it a squeeze. He could see she was more upset about the lack of an anesthetic than he was. “It’s okay Babe, I’ll hold as still as you need.”

She nodded to him and went to work. His leg was cut the deepest and took three layers of suturing. His only response was a gasp he couldn’t suppress, when she gently pulled muscle back in place to close it evenly. She was thankful it was a relatively small wound or scar tissue might cause him permanent damage. Her stomach was rolling by the time she moved to the simple skin closure on his shoulder.

He had never taken his eyes off her face, but since he was wearing his goggles, she didn’t know it. As she concentrated, every emotion had been clearly displayed for him to see. It cut him to the core to see the pain he was causing her, but knew there was nothing he could say or do that would make it easier on her. He eyed the clean bandage on her shoulder and wondered if he would have had the strength necessary to systematically drive a small semi-circular needle in and out of her flesh, if it had been needed?

“There, that should do it.” She whispered. Her hands shook and sweat had broken out on her forehead by the time she had finished. “A few more dressings and you’re all set.”

“Come here,” he reached for the needle holder in her limp right hand and set it carefully aside. “You did great.” He rocked her gently back and forth, as she shivered in his arms. He hadn’t meant to touch her like this again, but he couldn’t stop himself. Later he would send her away, later. Besides he rationalized, she was safe, with Imam present. No matter how casual Riddick had been in the past, he knew he would never touch her improperly in the presence of others.

“Richard,” her hands gripped his face and she looked deep into his eyes. He had gone away from her, again. She hated when he did that, because when he came back he usually tried to push her as far away as possible. Not this time! Before he knew what she was up to, she kissed him, and then quickly pulled out of his arms. “Get dressed, I’ll be upfront with Imam. By the way, keep the leg elevated and until we’re sure how badly it’s going to swell, I wouldn’t wear the boots.”

Chapter 8 - Comes The Dawn - Part 1



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For I dipt into the future, as far as the human eye could see. Saw the vision of the world, and the wonders that can be...RWW Hipwell

Without diviation from the norm, progress is impossible...F. Zappa

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea, In a beautiful pea-green boat: They took some honey and plenty of money, Wrapped up in a five-pound note. The Owl looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar...E Lear

Sweet and low, sweet and low, Wind of the western sea, Low, low, breathe and blow, Wind of the western sea! Over the rolling waters go, Come from the dying moon and blow, Blow him again to me;... Tennison

Charmed magic casements, opening on the foam
Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn... Keats

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