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Disclaimer: See Chapter 1
Rating: R

Monsters In The Night



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Ch 6 - Inner Truths, Outer Lies

As the stone rolled in front of Carolyn’s face, it took her breath away. She leaned her forehead against the cold rock and shivered as her eyes fill with tears. He’d done it again, damn him! He’d played her for a fool, and she had let him lead them like lambs to the slaughter.

“God works in mysterious ways.” Imam’s deep quiet voice filled the small cave as he gently placed a hand on Fry’s shoulder trying to reassure her. The only other sound that could be heard was the distant calling of the monsters, and Jack’s quick frantic breathing.

“Why’d he leave all of us?” The teen questioned as she leaned against the rock, her arm throbbing with pain, the blood staining the bandage that Imam had wrapped around her wound. “He should ‘a just left me, not you guys!”

“No!” Fry turned, as anger replaced despair. Riddick had been twisting her emotions since they crashed, and she was drained, from feeling so much, in such a short time. Why hadn’t she seen it coming? ‘Because you didn’t want to.’ A little voice whispered back. “He shouldn’t have left any of us!”

They worked quickly to pour all the whiskey into one bottle, in hopes that it would be enough to keep the light burning, but for what? Fry didn’t want to think that far ahead. No matter what they did it wasn’t enough, the liquor had been diluted too much by the rain. All they could do was sit by helplessly watching as the light burned to nothing, and they were left surrounded by darkness and the cries of the monsters trying to get into their cave.
Riddick grinned as the rain pounded on his face. The mud that was quickly forming made him slip and slide, as he dragged the heavy power cells out of the canyon and up the last hill above the settlement, but he didn’t care. For the first time since crashing on this rock, he felt like himself again. “I’m the biggest baddest mother-fucker around,” he chanted to keep his feet moving, and his mind off all that he had left behind.
“Carolyn,” the quiet whisper made her jump. Only one person called her that, and he’d run away. It took her a moment to realize it was Imam trying to get her attention. “Look up there.” He grinned in the dark.

“My God, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful.” The ceiling and upper walls of their cave were covered with inch long worms that gave off an eerie green light.

“God, is right my dear,” he smiled as he helped Carolyn pull the little animals off the walls and stuff them in one of the empty bottles.

“Are there enough?” Jack watched them as they worked quickly. The loss of blood and the cold were making her shiver, but she didn’t want to appear weak so she wrapped her arms around herself to stay in control.

“That’s all there are,” Fry shook her head, the doubt evident on her face. There had only been enough glowworms to fill one bottle, and even as they watched one or two of the small lights grew darker and went out. “I don’t know if it’ll work, but it’s all we got. And from the looks of things we gotta hurry, or we won’t even have this.”

“It appears that once removed from their natural habitat, those creatures die.” Imam shook his head at the further loss of any living thing.

“You two go,” Jack whispered. “I’d just slow ya down, and with the way I’m bleeding those monsters’ll be on me as soon as I’m out that door.” She nodded toward the rock blocking the entrance and tried to look brave.

“No,” Fry was adamant. “We go together, or not at all!”

“Carolyn, Jack is right, we can’t all three make it without more light. I’ll stay with her, but you must go quickly, or there is no sense in any of us going.” He handed the bottle to Fry, his unsaid words left hanging between them. The fading light wasn’t their only worry. If Riddick weren’t stopped, he would take the skiff and leave them with no escape.

“All right,” Fry grabbed the bottle. “But I will be back!”

Imam saw the determination written on the young woman’s face, but he also saw the fear and doubt that she was fighting to keep hidden. “There is an old Earth saying, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’”

“Yeah, right, either that or He damns them!” She shot back. The Holyman’s words were a painful reminder of her past deeds. How could these people trust her with their lives when she had tried to kill them once all ready?

“You be the one to help us all, and God will be there when you need Him, my dear.”

Carolyn shook her head as she bolted from the cave. The rain pelted her as she ran, making her shiver from cold as well as fear. For the moment anger fueled her, and she was able to push aside everything but her goal. Once she reached it, she wasn’t sure she wouldn’t collapse from exhaustion. Biting her lip, she ignored her doubts and kept moving.

Riddick was meters away from the skiff and freedom when the memories started. A gentle man who spoke of salvation and peace in both English and Arabic; a dark-eyed young girl that looked at him with admiration and trust; but most of all a petite woman who called him Richard.

“No!” He yelled and squeezed his eyes tightly shut. “I am Riddick! You hear me? I’m Riddick. Richard is dead, and has been for a long time!”

He picked up the pace and ignored the feelings of regret that tried to break through his badass demeanor. He was a cold-blooded killer and that could never be changed. For a short period of time he had tried to be someone else, but it hadn’t worked. He was what he was. Now all he had to do was prove it to those who thought otherwise. After all what were a few lives more?

Working quickly he punched in the code that he had seen Fry use to open the rear doors of the little vessel. As he stepped in, he was met by the scent of Carolyn. It was a fragrance that was distinctly hers, and it made his head spin and his blood pound. He knelt and touched the floor between the two benches. Had it been here? Was this the exact spot where she had quivered when he filled he? Listening carefully he thought he could hear her soft moans mixed with screams of pleasure. He gasped in surprise when the memory made him grow hard.

“NO!” Riddick surged to his feet. “She’s just a woman, like any other.” He gritted his teeth as he tried to forget what he had felt when her passions sprang to life at his touch. ‘It was a trick! No woman responded like that,’ it was more comfortable to believe Johns’s accusations than to listen to his own judgment. He moved quickly to the pilot’s seat and flipped on the lights, all the while telling himself it was to keep the aliens out, not to drive away any remnants of the past that might be lingering.

“She will not fuck with my mind,” he muttered as he worked with determination loading and locking down the power cells. If his hands shook, it was from exhaustion and hard work. A man like him didn’t feel remorse. A man like him didn’t feel anything at all, at least not if he knew what was good for him!

“Jack you’re freezing let me help you.” Imam moved closer to the shivering girl.

“Naw, I’m okay.” She stiffened and pulled away.

“Not all adults are to be feared.” His voice was gentle, but his stomach tied in knots when he thought what the girl must have been through. “But you are correct to be wary of strangers.”

“I’m sorry, Imam,” she leaned against him and let herself be pulled into his fatherly embrace. “It’s just that…” tears overwhelmed her at his kindness, even in the face of her lack of trust.

“It’s all right, Child.” He patted her back. “I understand. I won’t let anyone hurt you, ever again.” God had seen fit to take the three boys who had been going to New Mecca for their Hajj. It fit Imam’s sense of symmetry that he should be given another, needier, child to care for.

“I’m not going back, ya know.” Jack’s soft voice was muffled against his robes. “You shouldn’t’ve stayed with me, now you’ll die too. I’d rather those aliens get me than be taken back into the system again.” A bitter laugh escaped her throat as she looked up at the gentle man who had protected her on more than one occasion during the long night. “I guess maybe I understand Riddick better than I thought.”

“And what is it you understand about Mr. Riddick?”

“That anything is better than being under their control.” Her words were spoken as if she was old and tired instead of young. “He shouldn’t have left us, especially not Carolyn, but I can understand why he did it. Even when someone cares as much about you as she does about him, staying free is all that matters. I might have done the same thing, so I am just as bad.” In a way she had. She’d pretended to be a boy when she wasn’t, and because of what was going on in her female body, she had been a danger to the group. In the past she wouldn’t have given a damn about the adults, but since waking from cold sleep she’d met people who had changed her perspective.

“None of us knows what we are going to do, until faced with the choices.” Imam had his own demons from the past. He had thought he had dealt with them and God had forgiven him, now he was beginning to wonder.

“No, you always know what you’re going to do, and it’s always the right thing.” She looked at him with complete trust. “If those things get me, you need to tell Carolyn that it’s better than what I’d face if I go back to the world. That way she won’t feel guilt about it. She was hurt bad enough because of the trick I pulled on you guys.”

“Don’t talk like that, Child, we are all going to make it, you’ll see.” He added a silent prayer that it would be true. “And you did what you needed to do to survive, no one blamed you for it, least of all Carolyn.”

Jack shook her head as tears filled her eyes. “I really was an indentured foster child, like I said back there. Looking back I know it was nothing more than slavery, but I didn’t know how bad it was, until I was here with you guys. I guess that’s one advantage of never knowing what normal is. You don’t miss it because you never had it. This planet has been scary as hell, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, because now I know what life can really be like. I learned that from you, Shazza, Carolyn, and even Riddick.”

“You like Mr. Riddick, don’t you?” The Holyman smiled at the young girl. She still possessed innocence, despite the terrible life she had been forced to live.

“Yeah, I think I do,” she grinned back. “He’s like me, he didn’t know what normal was until he met Carolyn. But he’s old, so I don’t think he understands. He doesn’t believe she really cares for him.”

“You think there is something between Captain Fry and Mr. Riddick?” Imam had detected the attraction between the two from the beginning, but he was a man who had known love and passion, though it was a long time ago. He wondered what the girl had seen or heard.

“Oh yeah,” she chuckled. “They care. You can feel the spark whenever they’re within ten feet of each other. At first, I kept expectin’ him to do somethin’ real nasty with her, but he didn’t.” She shuddered remembering the things a man could do to a woman; then her voice grew gentle as she tried to express an idea that was totally foreign to her. “But if he ever does, it won’t be nasty, because it’s with her.”

It brought tears to Imam’s eyes, that a girl so young would know so much about the seamy side of life. He wanted to do something that would take away all the bad she had experienced, but at the moment, listening to her talk would have to be enough. He promised himself that if they got off that planet alive, he would do everything in his power to see she never knew anything but kindness.

“Riddick likes to boast about how bad he is,” Jack smiled, not realizing the distress the Holyman was feeling for her. “I think he does that because he’s worried that someone’ll care about him. He uses the badass routine to push people away because he thinks he’ll disappoint ‘em; or worse, he’ll start to care about ‘em, and they’ll pull away.” She didn’t realize until the words were out that she had just told Imam a great deal about herself. In the dark she couldn’t see his wise brown eyes, or the gentle nodding of his head.

“I was allowed to tag after him, ‘cause I’m a kid,” she continued. “But an adult is different, especially Carolyn. She’s special and he knows it. She doesn’t scare and she doesn’t take any of his bullshit. They’re alike, those two. Both of ‘em have made mistakes, bad ones, but when they’re together none of that matters, because being together makes everything right. The sad thing is, it scared the hell out of him, so here we sit, because he had to prove he’s no good, to a woman who understood the badness and cared anyway.”

“Unconditional love,” the Holyman muttered. “It’s a lucky person who gets it, and a rare one who gives it.” He grew strangely silent, as he felt a sadness that he’d kept locked away for a long time. He’d been one of those very lucky ones, but like Mr. Riddick, he’d been too foolish to take the prize that was being offered. Now he had the rest of his life to wonder, ‘what if?’ Shaking his head he forced a smile on his face and quickly changed the subject. “You’re quite a philosopher, young lady.”

“Naw, I’m not, and I’m not a lady!” she shook her head in denial. “When you’re on the run, you learn to watch people real carefully, and since we crashed, there hasn’t been much else for me to do but watch.” She leaned her head against the man’s shoulder and gazed around their tiny cave.

“Imam, look!” She pointed to the ceiling and the small greenish lights that were crawling out of the cracks of the rocks.

“Allah be praised!” He reached for the remaining whiskey bottle and began tearing at the label. “They’re more of the glowworms, they must live deep in the rock.” He watched as their numbers slowly increased. “Soon there will be enough, and we can make another light!”

Carolyn stumbled up the hill that overlooked the settlement. In the distance she could see the shuttle. Her lungs hurt from lack of oxygen and her legs shook. She had pushed her strength to the limit in fear that she would be too late. Holding the glow bottle high over her head, she made a dash for safety as the rain poured down around her.
‘Come on what’re you waiting for?” Riddick stood in the protection of the skiff, looking back out over the settlement. He was dry and warm and escape was only a second away. Moving with precision, he closed and locked the crash doors. Then slipped into the pilots seat, and began the pre-flight check. As the computer hummed, he looked up, out over the lighted strip in front of him, and his stomach did a quick roll when he recognized a wet, angry Carolyn Fry standing three shuttle lengths away. A whiskey bottle held high over her head.

Carolyn felt her heart pound as she looked at Richard. For a moment she couldn’t move. She just stood there in the bright lights and wait. The decision was his. Would he let her in? Something quaked inside of her at the thought. Why should now be any different, no matter what she had done he hadn’t let her in yet. Life for him was easier with her at arms length, well not always quite that far away. She quickly sprinted to the back of the skiff when she saw him turn and open the crash doors.

“Strong survival instinct, I admire that in a woman.” He stood in the warm dry skiff and watched her three feet below him. The rain pounded on her already soaked hair and clothes. She was pale from fear and exertion, but he refused to feel anything. Emotions led to all he had been running from the last hour, and he knew that if he let her pull him back, he wouldn’t escape. To keep himself from moving toward her, he gripped the door on either side of him and pushed as hard as he could. It kept his body locked in place.

Taking in big gulps of air to relieve the pain in her lungs, she looked up at the man who had come to mean too much to her in the last 48 hours. “I promised them we would go back with more lights.”

“Did you, hmmm?” He stood strong and immovable to her plea.

“What are you afraid of?” She shouted in exasperation. She was fast coming to realize that if she had to do this alone, they would die.

“Me? Afraid?” He laughed to hide the fears she made him feel. She was his one vulnerable spot, but he couldn’t let her know it.

“Come on Riddick, there’s got to be some part of you that wants to rejoin the human race.” She pushed wet hair out of her eyes, as she looked up at him, trying to find the very human side he had shown her the last time they were in the skiff.

He congratulated himself on not wincing when she called him Riddick, and put more steel into his voice as he watched her begin to crumble. “Truthfully I wouldn’t know how!”

“Well then, just give me more light and I’ll go back for them myself!”

“Okay,” he crouched down and tossed her a light belt. “There you go.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. There had to be a way he could have her and still remain in control. He dismissed one idea after another as he crouched in the skiff watching her slowly play with the belt.

“Please, just come with me?” Her voice had the same husky, needing quality as when she had begged him to hurry their lovemaking, but this time her face wasn’t contorted in desire, but pain and fear.

“I got a better idea,” he smiled as he looked at her. The answer had come to him: she could stay with him, if he brought her down to his level. It was the only way, since he didn’t believe he could rise to hers. “You come with me.”

Emotions flew across her face as she gasped for breath. Oh God no, please no. She shivered as the possibilities open up to her. For a moment all she could see was being with him. One step and she would be safe and warm, with him. But..but.. “You’re fucking with me, I know you are,” she accused, to give herself time to think.

“You know I am.” He stood tall over her, angry that she would expect so much from him. “You think because you fucked me, you know me. Well, you don’t! I will leave you behind!”

Shocked that she would be right back where she had been when she was dumped out of cold sleep, she leaned into her hands and cried. How many more times was she going to have to live this horror, and in how many different forms? Forced to make a decision between probable death, in a fruitless attempt to save others; or live knowing that she had never even tried. ‘Maybe she hadn’t survived the crash, and this was her own personal version of hell!’

“Step inside.” He had to do this quickly; it had caught him by surprise that it would be so painful to bring her down. When she hadn’t been able to kill Johns he had realized her attempt to flush the passengers had been a fluke, probably caused by panic, mixed with Cold Sleep Disorientation. But by that time it was too late, he had let himself become involved with her, thinking she was a kindred spirit. In reality she had just become lost for a little while. Now if he wanted to keep her he had to destroy her.

Carolyn fought the temptation to walk straight ahead into the warmth of the skiff, knowing the outcome if she did. Emotions beat at her as she crouched down in the mud and the rain, crying openly, not caring if Riddick saw or not. If she held tightly to the ground, she would be able to fight the need to go to him, to be in his arms where it was safe. “I can’t, I can’t,” she whispered as she won her battle for the moment.

“Sure you can. Here I’ll make it easy on ya,” he leaned and reached out his right hand for her. He was sorely tempted to pick her up and carry her into the skiff, but if he did that, the decision would have been taken from her, and her fall wouldn’t be complete. He carefully stayed in the dry well lighted shuttle, and kept his face blank so she wouldn’t see that he was in as much pain as she was.

Oh God, oh God help me, she cried to herself. She gasped for breath as she knelt and buried her face against her thighs. She had ended up just as she feared she would, the last time Richard asked her to make a choice. She had stepped off into oblivion and enjoyed the trip down, but here she was, left to crash and burn while shivering in the rain, and he watched calmly from the sidelines.

“Take my hand,” he didn’t know how much longer he could stand hurting her the way he was. “Come on. Look, no one is going to blame you. Save yourself, Carolyn.”

“No,” she whimpered, as she shook her head. “I…” ‘I’ll blame me!’ Screamed through her head.

“Come on,” he was on the edge. Either he brought her down now, or he left her, he couldn’t take the pain any longer! In long strides he moved down the entryway to stand beside her. Something crawled in the pit of his stomach, but he refused to acknowledge it. If he questioned his actions now, he would be lost. There was no way he could live in her world, so she needed to live in his gutter.

He bent and his hands circled her waist. Her wet clothes hid nothing from his touch. It took all his effort not to pull her tight against him. But he knew she still had to walk up that entry plank on her own. It was part of the deal as he saw it. He let himself help her to her feet, but that was all the help she could get from him until, she had made her choice. He remembered an old story from long ago, and the name Judas rang loud in his mind, but he closed it out as he watched her bent shape take a tentative step toward the skiff.

“That’s it,” he whispered, and wondered why he didn’t feel triumph.

Carolyn walked on shaking legs, one slow step at a time, up the gangway. She could feel a part of her tearing loose inside, and the empty space was filled with a coldness that had nothing to do with rain or lack of sun. She could feel Riddick keeping his distance behind her, and in that moment she began to hate him.

The loud cry of monsters in the night brought her to a complete stop. She had heard that before dying your life flashed before your eyes, maybe it’s true for a death of the soul as well. In that instant the last 48 hours sped through her brain. She saw all the people she almost killed and the ones that she had killed; her actions on the H-G and everything she had done on the planet to try and atone for them. In the end it all came down to five people: Jack, Imam, Riddick, Richard and herself.

She was being torn apart because she loved Richard, but Riddick was systematically destroying her. With the aliens screaming in the distance she made her choice, now he had to make his, and by God she was going to help him!

“NOOOOO!” She screamed as she turned with a roar and jumped two feet back down the entryway, landing on the man who had turned to look out into the night. The impact of her body on his right shoulder sent him skidding in the mud, where he landed on his back in a huge puddle.

“You! You listen to me!” She let her weight carry her on top of him, and straddled his body with her hands wrapped around his neck and thumbs pushed against his windpipe. The rain poured all around them, water running into their faces, and plastering their hair and clothes to their already wet bodies.

He lay mesmerized by the anger and passion that exploded from her. The broken woman of moments ago had disappeared to be replaced by one that roused his desires and awoke something in him he had thought long dead.

“I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP. I AM NOT LEAVING ANYONE ON THIS ROCK WITH THOSE FUCKIN’ THINGS, EVEN IF…” In temper she raised her right arm to hit him to emphasize her words.

Riddick had been a street fighter too long to miss an opening like the one she was giving him. He flipped her over backward, onto her bottom, and slid her around in the mud until she was facing him, then dragged her under him, with her legs spread. Her bottom sat snugly on his right foot that caught her left ankle tight between her groin and his leg. His right hand held her wrists securely to the left of her head, while he his left dug his shiv menacingly below her jaw on the left side of her neck.

It had been a close call what he would have done with her once he got her beneath him. His lips itched to kiss her and his hands to touch her, but now wasn’t the time. For the moment, holding her at shiv point seemed the safest thing to do.

Rain fell in her eyes as she blinked. One second she had been in control, the next he had her flat on her back in the mud, his body leaning threateningly over hers. Her mind kept shouting that they’d been here before, but she knew this was different. Despite the passion that was singeing the air, she was sure it was his blade that was going to be driven into her, this time.

“Get that thing off my neck,” she ground out. She was sick to death of his choices; it was his turn to choose.

“Shut-up!” He blinked rain out if his eyes, as he fought for control. He wanted her, God he wanted her, but in the amount of time it had taken to knock him on his ass, she had moved forever out of his reach. “You’d die for them?” He had to be sure, too much hung in the balance.

“I’d try for them!” She threw out a dare of her own.

“You didn’t answer me!” He saw what she was doing. He had been doing the same thing to her moments ago. She just didn’t realize that he was past the point of crawling out of the gutter.

“Yes I would,” she whispered. “I would die for them, Richard,” her soft voice carried conviction. She knew he might kill her no matter what she said, but she wasn’t afraid. He had told her once that there were worse things than dying, and the last 48 hours had proved it to her. She just might have a chance to win her soul back. Would he be willing to try for his? “I would die for them!” The challenge was clear in her voice.

“I believe you would, Carolyn.” As he flipped his shiv away from her slim neck, he realized she was shivering beneath him. Sliding his goggles to his forehead he saw that her mouth was tinged with blue and her skin covered with goose bumps. Never taking his eyes from hers he let her wrist slip free and pulled her up until she straddled his lap.

“Richard,” she whispered. “Thank God, it’s you.” Tears of exhaustion and relief poured down her face, as she burrowed against him. With his arms tight around her it was like coming home. “You feel so warm and safe,” she murmured as her lips reached for his. She wanted to stay there and never move, but it was neither the time nor the place. He held back, refusing to let her deepen the kiss, no matter how badly he wanted to.

“It’s all right. Babe, everything’s going to be all right.” He caught a handful of rain and gently cleaned her right cheek where he had shoved it in the mud. It was the only way he knew to apologize for what he had done.

“We have to go back.” She held his hand against her face and leaned into it. “And we have to do it now,” her laugh sounded a bit strained. “If I sit in one spot too much longer I won’t be able to get up.”

“We don’t have to,” he shook his head. “I have to!” He knew that he couldn’t let her go back out into the night filled with death. She was exhausted and he had only made things worse for her. If he hadn’t ran, they would all be safely off this hellhole.

“No, not alone, neither of us, along.” She insisted as she shivered against him.

“I’ll make it faster by myself,” as he spoke she kept shaking her head no.

“Damn, stubborn woman! You’re exhausted.” Did she doubt he would go back for them? “Stay in the skiff where it’s warm and dry. I promise I’ll go back for them.” He didn’t need to add that it was the only safe place to wait, but they both knew it. And damnit, he needed to start putting some distance between them.

“I never doubted you,” she held his angry face in her small hands and looked him in the eyes. “I,” she shuddered as she remember her frightening trip from the cave to the skiff. “I’m afraid, the trip here was so terrible. I can’t stay alone. I won’t slow you down, I promise.”

She looked small and frightened and nothing like the woman who challenged him moments ago. Had he done this to her? Had he reduced her to this? Pulling her to her feet he pocketed his shiv and looked down at her. “Time’s a wasting, if you’re going, we better get started. I’ll lead, you carry the light at our backs.”

As they took off at an easy run, Richard had to fight not to take her hand. He didn’t dare touch her, because he wanted her too badly. One thing his life had taught him was that the punishment didn’t always fit the crime. But in this case he figured he was getting off easy. He had been careless and cruel in dealing with Carolyn Fry, and he would spend the rest of his life wondering ‘what if.’ Gripping his hands into fists, to add steel to his determination, he faced his punishment: set her free, so that he could never harm her again.

Ch 7 - Midnight Courage Of The Heart



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