September 2nd, 2012


Nico And Me And...Uh...Her

Rating : G
Disclaimer : Onyx is from The Nico Files. Not sure if that makes him canon, but it makes him the property of by Necessary Roughness. I don’t own him or any of the characters. I just like to let them out to play.
Pairing: Nico/Dani
Beta: Olfactory-Ventriloquism – Thank you Amanda for all the help. You are a great help. Any errors that are still in this document are mine.
Spoilers: None from Season II. After the end of Season I my story is AU.


Nico And Me And...Uh...Her

By Lattelady


Onyx’s ears twitched. The almost nonexistent rumble of the elevator woke him from an evening nap. He was sure it was slight vibrations in the building that only he could sense, instead of an actual noise, but it always meant the same thing. It was a signal that his human was home. Collapse )