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Fire And Ice

Disclaimer: They belong to Joss
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: This is in response to the prompt challenge from LJ site ‘Copper For A Kiss’. I chose the scene from ‘Out of Gas’ where River and Jayne are sitting next to each other.

Fire And Ice



River and Jayne from Out Of Gas

Jayne was feeling a mite twitchy and it wasn’t because of the situation they found themselves in. It was ‘cause a the girl. When the Captain had called his meetin’ the Merc had been one of the last ones to arrive. He’d ambled across the lounge and sat casually on the ottoman next ta Crazy-Girl’s chair. Weren’t sure why he did it, but she’d looked a mite lonely sittin’ there all alone.

He tried to pay attention to Mal’s words, but his gaze kept being pulled back to the girl’s big brown eyes. She was starin’ at him and it made him feel all sorts of odd. He looked carefully and saw that she was shiverin’ even with that big old blanket wrapped ‘round her. Somethin’ ‘bout the way she was lookin’ at him made him want ta pull her close and keep ‘er safe and warm. But that was just nuts. Would be his luck she had a big old butcher knife hidden in that blanket.

He forced his attention back to the meetin’ but inched his body closer to her slim form hopin’ that no one would notice. Much to his surprise he felt one of her small feet slide against his backside. It gave him a rush that shot straight to his groin.

He turned back toward her and was lost in the intensity of her expression. Dark eyes that looked at him openly for the first time that he could remember. He wished like hell that he knew what was going on in that head ‘a hers.

Mal called out his name and he pretended he’d been concentratin’ on what the Captain had said. He hoped his answer was appropriate. One last time he looked back at her.

“Fire of passion and ice of control, we have them both,” she whispered and pressed her foot deeper into the muscle of his bottom. “Chances will come again.”

Then the meeting was over and the groups split up. All the time Jayne was readying the second shuttle he hoped he’d get that other chance River was talkin’ ‘bout, cause in that last second he’d seen the banked flames in her eyes. He had a burnin’ need ta be the one to free them from their cage of ice.

The End
Tags: fire and ice, firefly, rayne, serenity
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