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The Pirate And The Pilot

Disclaimer: They all belong to Joss, I just like to give them some fun once in a while.
Rating: R to be safe since this was written for the Rayne smut challange.

The Pirate And The Pilot


Lattelady Writing under her pen name of Jenny Kirkwood

The big Mercenary locked the hatch to his ship and readjusted his load. Over one shoulder he had the strap to his weapon, over the other was his prize. He had the lithe young pilot bound and gagged. It had been a most successful raid! He smiled around the cigar he held tightly between his teeth.

The girl tried to kick, but her ankles were bound too tightly together. She tried screaming for help, but the cloth that filled her mouth jumbled her words. She had to settle for pounding his back with her tied hands.

“Easy there, Girlie!” The man brought a large palm down hard onto her bottom. “Ya ain’t getting’ away from me and that sorry excuse for fightin’ ain’t gettin’ ya nowhere, but it just might piss me off. I’m a tellin’ you, you don’t want that ta happen.”

His long strides quickly took them up the stairs from the cargo bay and ate up the length of his ship, until he was standing at the hatch to his bunk. Once it was unlocked he carried her down the ladder and tossed her on his bed. “Ya know who I am, Girlie?” His blue eyes danced as he gazed at the length of her creamy thigh that was exposed when she landed on the mattress. He reached down and yanked off her gag. “Well answer my question. Ya know me?”

“Yes, you’re that pirate they’ve all been talking about. You’re Jayne Cobb!” Her big brown eyes were large with fright. “Let me go, my crew will fight for my release.”

“They ain’t even gonna find ya, Girlie,” he snorted. “You got a name?”

“My name is River.” She rolled as far against the wall as she could get.

“Well, River we’re gonna have some fun.” Jayne leaned over and grabbed another rope to tie the girl’s hands to the bar running across the head of his bed.

“I hardly think you and I have the same definition of fun!” She glared at him as he moved toward her ankles. She timed her kick just right and enjoyed the solid impact of her bare feet into his belly. “That is what I call fun.”

“You’ll pay for that one Little Girl,” he snarled as he sliced the rope binding her ankles and quickly retied both of her feet, one to each corner of the foot of his bed. “Now that’s my idea a fun,” he laughed.

“Nooo,” she yelled as she pulled against the bindings to try and free herself.

“Ohhh, yes, Baby-doll.” He ran his hands over her, beginning with her delicate shoulders, across her breasts, hips and down each bare leg. “But before we commence with the real fun, I need you to give me the coordinates of where your crew hid the cargo.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She gasped for breath and tried to keep from quivering. She didn’t know how long she could hold out against Pirate Cobb.

“It’s like this Little River. You’re the pilot so I know you got them coordinates. You’re mine no matter how this goes down. If you cooperate you’ll find it mighty pleasurable.” He ran his hand over her dress at the side of her left breast and tweaked her nipple through the material. “If ya don’t, you’ll be beggin’ me to let ya tell ‘bout them coordinates, so ya gets your pleasure.”

“You can’t make me talk,” her voice cracked in doubt. “I’ll take the location to my death. There is nothing you can do to hurt me.”

“Oh there ain’t gonna be any dyin’ goin’ on around here, Baby-doll.” He laughed roughly as he gripped the collar of her dress and pulled. “And hurtin’, I’d never hurt a body like yours.”

River screamed as she felt the material separate all the way down the front.

“Ohhhh you are a pretty one.” Jayne stood back and admired her slim muscular body tied helplessly for his pleasure. All she had on was a lacy black bra and matching panties. “It’s gonna be mighty fun gettin’ you to tell me what I want to know.”

The pirate stood beside his captive prize and took off his holster. He was careful to put it in the high locked cabinet where he kept all his weapons. Next he slowly pulled his belt off and rolled it neatly beside the big knife he called Boo.

River didn’t want to watch, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the man who had taken control of her ship and was about to do the same to her body. She gasped at his muscular chest, with a puckered white knife scar crossing his heart from high on the right to low on the left. The sight of that scar made her shudder.

While her mind had been wandering, he’d removed his boots. She shivered when she looked at him again and realized he was reaching for the button on his cargo pants. The laser blue of his eyes met hers. They sparkled with joy. She gasped at the sound of a zipper going down. Her eyes snapped toward where his hands were. She wanted nothing more than to close her lids and pretend she was somewhere else.

As if he could read her mind his voice rumbled, “Just keep ‘em open Baby-doll. Get a good look at what ya gonna get.” With slow precision, Jayne pulled off his pants and boxers.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out, but she couldn’t prevent her eyes growing wide in…in. The man was huge, broad shouldered, strong muscled and she didn’t want to look further, but couldn’t stop herself. “Please don’t do this,” she whispered as her gaze settled below his waist. She fought the ropes, trying to pull her legs together, because she could feel the dampness just looking at him caused and hated that he could do that to her so easily. But her efforts were useless, her legs were spread and she was helpless.

“Easy, there Baby-doll.” He climbed between her thighs and sat back on his haunches. His lips twitched, ‘cause he knew the sight the girl was takin’ in. It had made more than one seasoned whore sigh with delight, but this sweet thing was no whore. “Now I’m gonna ask ya again. What are them coordinates to the cargo?”

“Go to hell you hundan,” she practically spit the words out and her eyes shot fire. She wasn’t ready to give in.

His brow twitch and he grinned as he leaned over her. “Have it your own way, the trip is gonna be yours. I can’t understand why you’d choose hell when ya could have heaven.” His white teeth gleamed as he moved closer to her and covered one black-lace clad nipple with his full lips.

“Ohhh,” River cried out at the sensations that shot through her. She felt her entire body spring to life as he nibbled gently on her right breast. He was warm and hard pressing against her and it made her eyes flutter as she forced herself to remain perfectly still when every nerve ending in her was shrieking at her to arch tightly against him.

Her iron control almost gave out as his hand slipped over her body and pulled down the lace over her other nipple. With strong lean fingers he played and teased at the hard rosy point.

“I gotta say you’re a mighty responsive little thing.” The pirate looked up at her face and enjoyed the look of passion that burned in her eyes. “It’s gonna make things real interestin’.”

“I won’t give you the information no matter what you do!” She was proud of the control in her voice, but it was ruined, as she shrieked when he pulled back and ripped off her bra.

“It’s more like what I don’t do, or won’t let you do.” His brow crooked and he ran his hands over her rib carriage until he was cupping her breasts. His eyes glazed at the soft mew that escaped from her lips at his touch. It only made him grow harder. “Now I think it’s time to see all a you.”

River bit her lip as he put one large paw in the front of her panties and ripped them away. “Don’t do this,” she whispered unable to take her eyes off the huge man. His blue eyes glistened as he looked at her spread out in front of him. The hard, frightening glower she’d caught a glimpse of as he’d grabbed her off the deck of the cargo bay had changed to a glowing heat that made him look younger and gentler than his mercenary reputation allowed. She gasped at the secret side she was seeing to this man.

“Well lookie here,” his words were almost a whisper as he ran one callused finger over the dampness he’d just exposed and then tossed her panties across the room. “Don’t look like you’re as unaffected as you’re pretendin’. Sure you don’t want ta just give me them coordinates and we can get on to the mutual sexin’?”

She shook her head afraid to answer. Afraid that her tongue would say the words her body needed, instead of the ones her head dictated.

Jayne just leered at her and slowly filled her with one large finger and watched as her mouth opened, but nothing came out but the silent scream of pleasure that echoed loudly in her head.

River lost track of time. She lost track of how often the big pirate would bring her to the edge of pleasure and then pull back and ask about the coordinates, but she’d just shake her head no, and gasp for breath as she writhed trying to push herself over. She’d given up trying to hide her moans and screams from him. They were the only release allowed her.

Finally this last time tears slipped from her big brown eyes and instead of moans she whimpered as he did magic things to her body with his tongue and fingers.

“River,” Jayne covered her shaking body. The sound that escaped from deep in her chest as his pelvis rubbed against hers made him bite his lip to keep from explodin’. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take and couldn’t remember what he’d been about to say.

“No coordinates…no…coordin…” her words were lost in breathy gasps, but she held hard and fast to their rules.

Jayne took a deep breath and decided if she could do it, so could he. He cupped her small boned face in his large hands. Her hair was damp from exertion and spread out wildly on his pillow. Her eyes full and dilated dripping with tears, but she was unable to look at anything but him. He didn’t think she’d ever looked sexier. “Just keep in mind girl, that there are ways for me to get my pleasure and still leave ya like this.” He ran his thumb gently over her lips so he was sure she understood him.”

“There…there…is…nothing…” she fought for the words as her body swam in sensation. “There is nothing you can do to me that my lover hasn’t already. Nothing you can make me feel that he hasn’t made me feel, ten times stronger.”

Jayne’s chest filled with pride at the words she was sayin’. It took all his effort not to kiss her.

“He is a mean, powerful mercenary.” River was crying openly, lost in feeling and not paying attention to what she was saying, all she could think about was the man who held her close each night and made her body sing with joy. “And I love him!”

There wasn’t a sound in Jayne’s bunk as the two on the bed looked at one another in shock. The small woman terrified that the secret she’d been hiding since she’d moved in with him three months ago would push him away, back to his blonde buxom whores. The large man was frozen in silence because no one except his ma had ever used those words to him and he’d needed to hear them from River almost as much as he needed to breathe.

“Oh Babe,” his voice was hoarse as he reached for the bungee cord that had gently held her wrists for the little fantasy.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen…but…” she could hardly talk as she cried. Jayne had been right it was too soon to play this game. Though she hadn’t ended up screaming in terror with memories of being tied in an Alliance med chair as the Blue Hands probed her brain as he’d feared; she’d ended up telling him the one thing she was most afraid of him hearing. “I couldn’t help loving you.” She enjoyed his touch; sure it was the last time he’d ever want to be near her. He hated entanglements.

“Don’t cry, Baby, it’s gonna be all right.” He kissed her gently and ran his hands through her hair. He wasn’t a man who was good with words, but he knew that if he didn’t use the right ones real quick, he might lose her. “River, honey…I…ah…I love ya. I have since before I asked ya to move in with me. I just…well…I didn’t think you’d ever…you’re so young and ed-u-cated…it don’t’ make no sense that you could love a hundan like me.”

She caressed his face and pulled it close to hers, kissing his scratchy goatee, his cheeks and finally just below his ear. “The coordinate are….” She whispered the numbers they’d chosen as ‘safe’ words. Something she could say anytime she wanted that would end the game of ‘Pirate and Pilot’ and turn the man and woman back into River and Jayne.

“I love ya,” he muttered as he slid deep into her and ran his lips over her neck. “I was just afraid you’d leave if you knew. I love ya, Babe.”

“Ohhhh, couldn’t leave…” she cried out as he filled her. His familiar length and girth was all it took to send her flying over the edge. “Love you, love you, love you…” her words shook with her inner contractions. “Die with out….you.”

Jayne gasped at the feeling that rocked him. He’d always enjoyed sexin’ River, but now he realized what it was like to make love to her. He pushed with his arms until he could look down at her beauty, intensified, as she unraveled just for him. When her eyes finally opened they were deep brown pools that he wanted to live in forever.

He began to rock gently to receive his own pleasure. “Love ya, love ya, love ya,” he chanted as he drove in and out having the joy of watching her fall apart twice more before he leaned over to kiss her deeply, his tongue imitating other parts of his body. Some small part of Jayne realized that was why he’d avoided kissin’ for all those years. It was somethin’ that bound souls together and he must a been waitin’ for River.

She moved her hand over his back and hip, and then slipped it between them so she could graze his stomach. It was all it took to send them both spiraling out of control, crying out their love for each other.

“We got somethin’ ta tell you guys.” Jayne looked around the breakfast table at the assembled crew.

“Does this have anything to do with why you were carrying my sister over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes, last night?” Simon grinned at the Mercenary. It had taken him a while to get used to the relationship that had grown between River and Jayne after Miranda, but he saw that the big man made her very happy.

“They was just playin’, honey.” Kaylee kissed Simon on the cheek and went back to eating her breakfast. All the while wondering if she could get him to hall her off to their bunk in that fashion some night.

River rolled her eyes and wondered if she should tell Kaylee that though the crew had seen Jayne carry her away, no one knew that they’d been pretending she was tied up and he was carrying Vera. When in reality, he’d just hefted her off the deck where she’d plopped down to play jacks with her old friend, after setting the controls to keep Serenity on course during night running.

“You guys want ta hear this or not?” The Merc was getting embarrassed and he didn’t like it. If it weren’t for the fact that his girl was holdin’ his hand lovingly under the table he might a lost his temper.

“Leave the man alone.” Zoe called out as she fed Wash Jr.

“Zoe’s right, what ya got to say?” Mal dug into his breakfast and grinned at the beautiful dark haired ex-companion sitting to his left.

“Well it’s like this,” Jayne took a deep breath and the rest of the words came out in a rush. “I love River and she loves me. We want a get married the next time we’re dirt side.”

Inara smiled one of her most beautiful smiles and gently moved her thumb over her wedding ring. “I wish you all the happiness in the ‘verse.” Her eyes met Mal’s and she was lost in their depth. As he gently covered her hand with his, the lights glinted off the ring on his finger that matched hers.

Congratulations came from all around the table, but Simon sat strangely silent, with his arms across his chest.

“Simon, you’re very quiet.” His sister looked toward him.

“I’ve just been sitting here wondering what took you two so long.” He tugged at his ear like he always did when trying to figure out a complex problem. “We’ve all seen how much you love each other for months before you moved in together.”

Over their long years together, River and Jayne would occasionally indulge in fantasy games, but they’d always remember this, that specific night as special, because it was when they finally admitted they loved each other.

The End


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Sep. 8th, 2006 09:11 am (UTC)
Awwww! Just my favourite kinds smut.... Not so much smutty as fluffy.

(You know I'm just a big old romantic at heart!)
Sep. 8th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much. It's as close to real sumt as I can get.
Sep. 8th, 2006 11:54 am (UTC)
LOL at first I thought Jayne was channeling Cpt. Sparrow for a moment there. Nice fluffy smut. Thank you :)
Sep. 8th, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC)
Hey, kiddo how you doing? I"e had shingles all summer and it's been no fun.

I just put two of my SAAB vids at YouTube. They have everything! I was amazed that mine weren't the only ones. I'll be putting the url's in my journal sometime today.
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