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Joss100 for Mal and Inara

001.Cemetery 002. Blood 003. Library 004. First 005. Dawn
006. Alley 007. Water 008. Fire 009. School 010.Heart
011. Yesterday 012. Today 013. Tomorrow 014. Sunlight 015. Darkness
016. Friend 017. Love 018. Hate 019. Isolation 020. Flower
021. House 022. Dream 023. Past 024. Future 025. Alcohol
026. Clouds 027.Box 028. Round 029. Toys 030. Train
031. Fountian 032. Elevator 033. Marble 034. Breath 035. Fog
036. Fantasy 037. Feild 038. Rain 039. Letter 040. Lake
041. Stain 042. Bound 043. Strain 044. Hard 045. Cold
046. Soft 047. Feathers 048. Fly 049. High 050. Low
051. Christmas 052. Halloween 053. Scent 054. Hearing 055. Sight
056. Touch 057. Satin 058. Cotton 059. Candle 060. Paint
061. Pictures 062. Hat 063. Winter 064. Summer 065. Fall
066. Spring 067.Sharp 068. Dull 069.Book 070. Music
071. Hair 072. Flat 073. Pain 074. Anniversary 075. Celebration
076. Spray 077. Paper 078. Other 079. Unknown 080.Enemy
081. Aggravation 082. Joy 083. Television 084. Newspaper 085. Odd
086. Anxious 087. Sick 088. Death 089. Familiar 090. Distant
091. Close 092. Gift 093. Plastic 094. Words 095. Wall
096. Blocked 097. Free 098. Hole 099. Writer's Choice 100. Writer's Choice

I've had writers block for months I am hoping this will shake things free.


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Nov. 10th, 2005 04:15 pm (UTC)
Mom, you've got a blog. Rock on! I hope it kills your writer's block.
Nov. 12th, 2005 12:32 am (UTC)
Ofcourse I've got a blog. Did you think that just because you've and your sister are out of the house I'd grow old!
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The moving finger writes: and having writ Moves on. nor all your piety nor wit Shall lure it back to cancal half a line, Nor all your tears wash out a word of it...The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

If I quiet the voices in my head, I would face the day with nothing to write. - Unknown

I must go down to the seas again the lonely sea and sky...J Masefield

Cinderella walked on broken glass,
Sleeping beauty let a whole lifetime pass.
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast,
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It was all about blood, sweat, and tears.
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The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of...French Proverb

I have drempt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after. They've gone through me like wine through water and altered the colour of my mind ...E. Bronte

To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage...Lao Tzu

It takes chaos to give birth to a dancing star ..F. Nietzsche

How many loved your moments of glad grace, and loved your beauty with love false or true? But one man loved the pilgrim Soul in you, and loved the sorrows of your changing face...Yeats

Let us go, you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky...T. S. Eliot

In that book which is my memory, on the first page of the chapter, that is the day when I first met you, appears the words, "here begins a new life".
La Vita Nuova

Midnight courage of the heart...Jen Kirkwood

The three o-clock in the morning courage which Bonaparte thought was the rarest...Thoreau

Did you say it? I love you; I don't ever want to live without you; you changed my life. Did you say it?
Make a plan, set a goal, work toward it, but every now and then, look around, drink it in, 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow. - Meredith Grey

Shakespeare is easy, life is hard...Wheels

Don't try to be a great man, just be a man. Let history make up its own mind...Z.Cochron

I had a job to do and I was unafraid...Jack to John Creighton

For I dipt into the future, as far as the human eye could see. Saw the vision of the world, and the wonders that can be...RWW Hipwell

Without diviation from the norm, progress is impossible...F. Zappa

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea, In a beautiful pea-green boat: They took some honey and plenty of money, Wrapped up in a five-pound note. The Owl looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar...E Lear

Sweet and low, sweet and low, Wind of the western sea, Low, low, breathe and blow, Wind of the western sea! Over the rolling waters go, Come from the dying moon and blow, Blow him again to me;... Tennison

Charmed magic casements, opening on the foam
Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn... Keats

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